Animation Career in India: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary


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Know About Animation

The process of illustrating consecutive pictures, models, and even photographs to create an illusion of movement in a sequence is called Animation.

Different Types of Animation are:

  • Traditional Animation:

The technique in which each frame is drawn by hand is called Traditional Animation. This technique is mostly used until computer animation comes into the market.

  • 2D Animation:

The artistic technique and combination that creates the illusion of movement in two-dimensional space are called 2D Animation.

  • 3D Animation:

The procedure of forming three-dimensional moving objects in the digital ecosystem is called 3D Animation.

  • Motion Graphics:

Motion Graphics are moving motions of animated graphic designs.

  • Stop Motion:

Stop motion is an animation procedure in which objects are caught in multiple blocks or images and manipulated in slow increments between individual frames so this will create motion.

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Job Profile in Animation Field

Animators are artists who create visual effects and animation for televisions, video games, mobile devices, films, etc. They use many methods and tools to perform these special effects, such as digital designs, 3D shapes, and several animation presentations.  

Scope of Animation in India

The animation industry in India is growing at a very fast pace. Many big firms like Pixar, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, etc create animated content and earn huge money from it. 

Currently, Animation in India is facing a huge shortage of skilled talent. So there is a huge demand for animators in India. If the candidate has industry-relevant skills then no one can stop him to boost his career and earn a handsome salary.

Educational Requirements to Become an Animation Expert

To kickstart your career in the Animation industry it is recommended that you have completed your Graduation or Diploma in the related field. After completing your studies you can pursue certification courses online or offline from any good institute which will assist you in placement also. This certification can range from 3 Months to 1 Year depending on the curriculum and institute. 

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In-Demand Animation Skills

Animation skills play a very vital role in the creation of movies, TV shows, and video games. These are some of the top skills which an animation professional must have to start their career:

  • Creativity and Innovation:

Every animator must develop their impression and generate unique animations that users will remember with delight which can be achieved by creativity & innovation.

  • Graphic Design Skills:

One of the most important duties of an animator is to bring character to life which they can do with their graphic designing skills.

  • Communication and Presentation Skills:

Powerful communication and presentation skills are crucial because it helps to keep a presentation attractive, help the presenter communicate with confidence, and motivate the audience to listen.

  • Drawing Skills:

Drawing Skills are very important for Animators to visually illustrate the idea of the animation to the design team or clients.

  • Timing and Spacing:

An animator should have a good understanding of how he can move characters naturally for that knowledge of timing and spacing is very necessary.

  • Color Theory

Every animator should know for any particular character which color is suitable for that understanding of color theory is a must.

Job Options Available In Animation Field

These are some of the typical career choices which one can opt to kickstart their career in the animation industry:

  • Stop Motion Animator:

One who uses models, puppets, or clay to create animated films and television commercials are Stop Motion Animators.

  • 3D Modeler

3D Modeller job is to plan, design, and build 3D models as per the blueprints given by the client.

  • 2D Animator 

2D Animators concentrate on building characters, frameworks, and picture transitions, producing artistic plans and thoughts to growth. Work functions of 2D Animators revolve around creating and presenting images which also used in websites and games.

  • Flash Animator

Flash animators design animation for smart-phones, tablets, web pages, marketing, and more. They use Adobe Flash and additional other software to create eye-catching animations.

  • Lighting artist 

Lighting Artist works as a part of the visual effect team and is accountable for implementing all light effects to a scene.

  • Compositing Artist

Compositing Artists are liable for assisting to build the ultimate polished animation, film, or design by discovering flaws and growing compositing approaches, which results in an overall steady look.

  • Storyboard Artist

The person who understands the concept of the script and turns it into a visual story is none other than Storyboard Artist.

Salary of Animation Professional in India

As per the data from Monster India trainees in the animation industry can earn between Rs 8K – 15K per month. With 3 to 5 yrs experience they can earn Rs. 25K – 40K. 

A well-experienced professional in this field who has an excellent portfolio of world-class animation work could simply earn Rs 50K – 60K per month

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I expect this study has benefited you to understood what is the scope of Animation in India. We need to understand that there is a huge demand for Animation professionals which can be fulfilled by proper training and experience. And the person who is properly trained and highly experienced can earn a handsome amount of money.

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