Interior Designing Career in India: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

Interior Designing
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For a really long time we have been paying special attention to the area around us. Be it the houses we live in or the workplace areas, all need to look organized for us to be comfortable in that place. Interior designers have been looking into this very need of man and taking care of the area by giving it a proper shape and form to make it aesthetic and appealing to their clients. There are so many areas where interior designers can focus their work on and do specialization in a particular aspect. They can specialize in interior designing in relation to residences, workplace areas and offices, the temporary exhibition designing areas, hotels, pubs, cafes, nightclubs, cinema theatres, gyms, restaurants, retail shops, shopping malls, schools, universities, hospitals, nursing, and care homes and even private clinics.

Know About Interior Designing

Interior designing is a combination of art and science which is used to make the interiors of any building be its residences, workplaces, or areas of social gatherings more aesthetic, appealing, and pleasing for the people using these spaces. This also includes making these spaces functional and artful according to the behavior of the people using these spaces. It is one of the most creative career options for people who want to make the interiors look beautiful. Interior designing might also include decorating and furnishing depending on the skills the interior designer possesses. But interior decorators cannot take up the position of interior designers. Interior designers plan, design and implement their ideas to create an interior living and working environment that will be comfortable, healthy, and pleasing.

Scope Of Interior Designing in India

The commercial and residential spaces in India are shrinking in size. This is making people look for professionals who’ll make their living places and workplaces comfortable and functional. Previously only foreigners took this aspect of lifestyle seriously, but now Indians have also emulated it and want to enhance their style of living by having a well-designed house to reside in or working in well-designed offices. Interior designing has become such a demanding job that this sector has rapidly grown in India. It is estimated that by the end of 2030, India will completely embark on the road of being the third-largest construction market as there is a bulk volume of work being done in terms of interior designing to form residential areas and workplaces. Interior designing happens to be a career line for innovative minds and its scope will increase further in the future as this career option is turning to become a competitive and challenging field too.

Courses Available To Become An Interior Designer

There are several courses that one can consider to become a professional interior designer. Below are listed some of the best undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses that one can pursue to kick start a career in Interior Designing.

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Under Graduate Courses Available To Become An Interior Designer

Aspirants are eligible to apply for any undergraduate courses after completion of their class 12 with a minimum of 45% marks from any stream. One can take admission to several prestigious and popular colleges on the basis of entrance exams like CEED, NATA, NID, etc while other colleges conduct a thorough screening process of their own. Except for B.Arch, which is a 5 years course, all the other courses extend for 3 to 4 years. 

The popular Undergraduate courses are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Interior and Architecture Design
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) in Interior Design

Post Graduate Courses Available To Become An Interior Designer

Students who have graduated in this field are the only ones who can pursue the PG courses available. These Master programs are usually for 2 to 3 years. Renowned specialization courses in Interior design are building design, landscape design, sustainable design, and product design. 

Some of the Post Graduate degree courses are as follows:

  • Master of Arts in Interior Design
  • Master of Science in Interior Design
  • Master of Design in Interior Design
  • Master of Architecture in Interior Design

Diploma Courses Available To Become An Interior Designer

Diploma courses are specifically made keeping in mind the latest development trends in this sector. These courses are designed for those who wish to build a career in Interior designing right after Class 12, and hence anyone who has graduated high school with a minimum of 45% can sit for these courses. The time span of the courses usually varies from 1 to 2 years. One can undertake PG diploma courses after their graduation to enhance their skills and knowledge base in this field. 

Some renowned available Diploma courses are as follows:

  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration
  • Diploma in Interior Design and Display
  • Diploma in Interior Design and Architecture
  • Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Interior Design
  • Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Interior and Furniture Design
  • Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration 

Certificate Courses Available To Become An Interior Designer

These are short duration courses and another choice for those who are willing to become Interior Designers. These courses are 6 months to 1 year long and institutions take admission on the basis of merit. The eligibility criteria for the students is that they need to pass class 12. Some institutions also accept students who have only completed their education till class 10. Some professionals do these courses to enhance their already existing skills. 

Some available Certificate Courses are as follows:

  • Certificate Course in Interior Design
  • Certificate Course in Interior Design and Decoration
  • Short-term Course in Furniture Design
  • Short-term Course in Home Styling
  • Short-term Course in Vaastu Residential & Commercial

Skills Needed To Become An Interior Designer

An interior designer can enter a very dull and lifeless place and yet create functional and a beautiful environment out of it. These are the top 5 skills that are required by anyone who wants to become an interior designer:

  • Creativity – Interior Designing requires individuals to be creative, innovative, and artful. If these innovative impulses reign along with acquired technicalities then interior designing will become a very exciting career for you. Applying science along with creativity, understanding, analyzing and implementing both together is what interior designers are supposed to do.
  • Critical Thinking – Critical thinking is as much needed as creativity is. Interior designers should know how to balance these two as they are complementary to each other. All the challenges that come your way can be solved easily if this one has the power of thinking critically in difficult situations. 
  • Knowledge about the History of Design – Knowledge of the interior designers are of utmost importance, and knowing the history of design, taking inspiration from them, recreating them in your own style all need one’s knowledge base in the history of design to be strong.  Clients will always refer to past examples of designs and would want you to use them in their space and one can implement them only if they have detailed knowledge of previously designed structures in history. 
  • Spatial Awareness – Spatial awareness is a very important aspect of Interior Designing. One needs to understand that beautification of the space is necessary but so is the functionality. Space should allow free movement of the people, and space should also be used efficiently. This can only be attained if one has spatial knowledge as one of their skills.
  • Computer Skills – These are the basic skills and a prerequisite of Interior Designing. Utilizing the newest technologies will enable one to sketch their own designs faster and design renderings of one’s vision for the interior environment they will be working on. 

Job Options In The Field Of Interior Designing

There are several career options that one can choose from while thinking of settling their career in Interior Designing itself. 

These are some of the options from which one can choose from:

  • Interior Designer – Being an interior designer is everyone’s first option. The work of interior designers includes planning the outlines for the interior spaces, designing layouts, checking and ensuring proper fitting and working of electrical circuits, drainage, air-cooling, ventilation, etc.  They need to have technical knowledge about the structures of buildings. 
  • Interior Decorators – The work of Interior Decorators is different from those of interior designers. The majority part of their job involves looking into furnishing, choosing paints, fabric, lights, and other decorative items. They are required to help in the beautification and decoration aspect. Decorators are hired by homeowners, developers, and corporates. 
  • TV/Theatre/Film Set Designer – An entertainment set designer has their work related to designing the sets used in a TV series, Theatre or Film. The job includes a lot of communication on the designer’s part as they need to understand the requirements of the team. They need to produce model sets, manage the budgets, meet several construction companies, and do similar work. Several Theatre Companies, Film Production Companies, and even Music Production Companies hire the set designers.
  • Lighting Designers – The work of these designers is restricted to choosing and ensuring the lighting is perfect and suitable for the environment in which they are used. They should know which kinds of lights are suitable for workplaces and the other kinds of lightings that are suitable for residential areas.
  • Exhibition DesignerExhibition designers work on big projects and exhibitions on a commercial basis. Their main task is to convey what their clients want to the audiences and also ensure the spaces are fit for exhibitions to be held. 

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Salary One Can Earn In Interior Designing Field

Interior Designing is a lucrative job and the pay scale is sufficing for all the people working in this sector. The pay package increases with experience and also depends on the creativity and knowledge of these interior designers. According to the job profiles, the salary might vary and some of the pay packages in relation to the job profiles are as follows:

  • Interior or Spatial Designer – They earn more than 2 lakhs per annum at the beginner’s level. At the mid-level their salary increases to more than 4 lakhs per annum and at the senior level stage they earn more than 5 lakhs per annum.
  • Lightning Designers – Their salary ranges from 2lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum at the beginners and mid-level and increases to more than 6 lakhs per annum in the senior level stage.
  • Production/ Set Designers – They earn around 4 lakhs per annum in the beginners or mid-level and their salary can increase to more than 8 lakhs per annum in the senior level stage.
  • Exhibition Designers – Their pay package ranges between 2 lakhs per annum to 3 lakhs per annum. For big exhibitions and with an experience they can earn more than 10 lakhs per annum depending on the senior level stage.


This is one of the most lucrative job options and has become specialized with time. Employers have started giving more importance to the academic background of the aspirants. Students of architecture or engineering are sometimes given more priority. But a creative person with sound technical skills and knowledge is bound to do well in this career line.

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