Computer Networking Career in India: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

computer networking

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Computer networking or Networking in general refers to the connection or forming of a network between two or more devices so that they can transfer and relay information freely from one end to the other and vice versa. These connections are important for devices to function in current times as standalone devices are hardly seen. Devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, speakers, and servers, both wired and wireless, have networking in them.

These devices are usually connected to each other as well as to the internet as internet connectivity is a very basic need in 2021. Communication, trade, earnings, welfare, entertainment, and recreation, every need is satisfied by the internet, and thus networking plays a very important role in all our day to day lives.

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Scope Of Computer Networking in India

Nowadays, networking can be seen everywhere. Every second person is at least connected to 2 different devices. This has changed nature the nature of jobs as people can even be working from home full time and the productivity can be increased even further.

Industries use networking in every field and rely heavily on it to keep the business flourishing. An organization uses network to not only keep employees updated about its current workings but also most of its work processes go through computer networking. This, being a field of utmost importance to the public and private sectors alike, we can definitely say that there is a lot of scope for computer networking personnel. As all companies are automating themselves, we can expect the demand of networking engineers to go even higher over time. 

Educational Requirements to Become Computer Networking Professional in India

Computer networking is a vast field that pulls in application from Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Application, etc. These are the few basic requirements for people to make sure before applying to work as a computer network engineer-

  • Bachelor’s Degree- Either apply for a BSc or General Computer Science Degree of three years or apply for an Engineering degree of 4 years.
  • Intern at a reputed firm- Internships are an insightful part of your experience as internships are the only ways for a student to get industry exposure and try to lead a life with complications and pressures of a workplace. Getting exposed to the corporate culture and gaining experience in the technical field can be a huge upgrade in CV for a fresher.

Skills Required to Become A Computer Networking Professional in India

Critical thinking is always encouraged in computer engineers. Networking engineers have a tougher job of analyzing and fixing faults in the network and to manage its smooth operations throughout. People that can keep a calm head during fixing a network are appropriate for the jobs as all those cables can often dissuade people from taking this up as a profession. Visual learners are also appreciated in this line of job as work is mostly done on the go and off the bat. Computer networking is for people that love to be challenged. 

Certifications Required To Become Networking Engineer in India

These are a few certifications that one needs to get before becoming a full-fledged network engineer-

  1. Cisco- There are 5 levels of a Cisco certification. It is a career certification program that allows the networking technician to finally become a networking engineer. This is overseen by the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  2. Palo Alto- Palo Alto is one of the world’s best and leading cybersecurity firms and has products of the same. A certification in Palo Alto signifies that the  IT professional is quite well versed in his work.

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Trends in Computer Networking Industry in India

Here are a few trends in Network Engineering and management in 2021-

  1. IoT- Internet of things or IoT is basically incorporation of the internet into everyday objects that would be encrypted on an end to end basis. These devices would be connected to the overarching corporate network and would be monitored by network engineers for security and maintenance.
  2. 5G- 5G would be bringing in a revolution in how we view the world through the internet. With speeds so high, connectivity to all devices would be a piece of cake. Work would progress more efficiently from a business point of view and branching out would be easier. A network manager has to keep all devices and connections secure when the sudden surge of 5G hits. 
  3. Network Automation- Automation is mind-blowing technology as it reduces the workload of humans as the robot or program in charge repeats instructions given to it without human interference. But this must be monitored from time to time for errors.
  4. Cloud Computing- Cloud computing is already a big thing. Devices interact with each other via servers that are remote and it is the duty of the engineer to oversee all the networking issues.

Career Options In Computer Networking in India

Here are a few career options for a computer networking engineer-

  1. Network administrator – overseeing basic network functioning; installation and usage of company networks.
  2. Systems Engineer – System upgrades and vendor product evaluation
  3. Network Analyst – Coding or writing programs that act as diagnostics for a specific application or a network.

Salary Do Network Engineers Earns in India

The salaries start from 2 LPA and there is actually no upper limit to how much network engineers can earn although it is most likely around 50 LPA. Networking is a vast area of study and thus ones with experience get paid high


These were few pointers on what it takes to pursue Computer Networking in 2021. I hope this article has helped you to understand what is the scope of networking jobs in 2021.

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