Software Testing Career in India: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

Software Testing

Dealing with software in some form or the other has become mandatory for people in this day and age. Everything is data-centric, every process and every transaction is to be recorded and further analyzed for extraction of data from it. Be it a Bank Withdrawal or a simple Starbucks coffee, our name, address and card details get extracted out of a mere transaction. Thus, there are software’s out there for everything and with automation fast approaching, the world will, at some point in time, be run by seamless functioning of Softwares and Effective management of data.

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Know About Software Testing

Software Testing is represented as an exercise to examine whether the real events meet the expected outcomes and to guarantee that the software program is error-free. Software testing helps to recognize flaws, errors, holes, and lacking specifications as opposed to the original requirements. 

There are two types of Software Testing:

  • Manual Testing: It is a type of testing in which a tester manually find bugs and tests the software.
  • Automation Testing: In this type of testing a specific software is used to find the bugs in the program(software)

Know About Software Tester

Software Testers are the people in charge of testing or verifying a computer program to see if it yields the actual results and if not, the error is rectified by the Software Tester to meet client specifications on the application. They commonly have a powerful hold over software quality examination devices and procedures, along with the remarkable levels of software development knowledge. 

Scope of Software Testing in India

IT products are heavy players in the market as their quality assurance has to be on point. Normally, the software is tested at its three stages- the ideation, development, and client acceptance levels. Software being an IT product enjoys certain privileges of being always checked many times to make it completely error-free and thus Software Testing, as a career path, is set to flourish as with time, the level or the quality of software testing is only set to increase with the number of firms coming in to play. IT is a sector experiencing unchecked growth currently and with the increasing number of technologies around us, Software testers are sure to never face job shortages in the probable future.

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Educational Requirements to Become A Software Tester in India

The necessary educational qualification to become a Software Tester is that you must have done graduation in Computer Science or Information Technology field. Candidates who has done Msc IT, MCA, or MTech has higher chances of grabbing the job because of their knowledge and educational qualification.

Skills required to become Software Tester in India

Software Testing might sound like good work and it is interesting, yes, but have no doubts about the fact that it is an absolutely tedious job that requires extreme patience and diligence. Testing software with over 1000 lines of coding sounds impossible but here are a few skills that enable a software tester to do what he does best-

Non-Technical Skills to Become a Software Tester:

  • Critical Thinking – To be able to think rationally, helps provide an edge to the tester. Good analytical skills help a tester to break down long programs into smaller units to debug one at a time thereby decreasing the load. 
  • Time management – Client specifications usually include the quality and quantity of work and also the deadline. Software testers should be excellent at time management so as to meet client specifications in all of the 3 factors.
  • Go-getter attitude – Sometimes, the solution to a problem seems impossible to find but a tester with a proper attitude keeps at it and gradually cracks the problem. His task orientation and willingness to learn from experiences make him perfect for the job.
  • Proficiency in communication – Software Testers should be proficient in communication so as to understand the information being relayed to him by the client and also to make himself clear to the client while stating his points. Dealing with developers should also be a piece of cake to the tester.

Technical Skills to Become A Software Tester:

  • Linux – Web pages and web services are often Linux based and thus a working knowledge of Linux is important for every programmer.
  • Database Management – Software programs with over a thousand lines of coding have a lot of data that is to be stored for reviewing later on immediate notice. This is done at the back end using SQL and Oracle for further validation of data.
  • Automation – It is not humanely possible for a person to be checking 100% of the data typed in a program or code all day to find out a single bug in code. Therefore automation tools are currently being used to track minuscule coding errors.
  • Defect Tracking – Defect tracking is done as the product and its processes are checked from start to end to find any discrepancies or defects. After successful defect tracking is done, the information is relayed to developers and all team members and a notice is sent to them as an update.

Certifications Needed To Become A Software Tester

Here are a few internationally recognized certification exams for software testing-

  1. Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) Certification is held by the institute QAI or Quality Assurance Institute in Florida. Apart from College-level degrees, one must have experience of 2-3 years in coding to apply for this test
  2. International Software Testing Qualification (ISTQB) Exam – Foundation Level is held by the International Software Testing Qualification Board. The passing mark is 65%.

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Trends in Software Testing Industry

Nowadays, we observe tremendous advances in the technological environment as the world is becoming more digitalized. Here are a few Software Testing  Trends you must know:

  • Big Data Testing: It is a testing of large data sets which cannot be performed using manual operations and traditional software.
  • Artificial intelligence in Testing: The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in software testing tools is centered on making the software development lifecycle more comfortable. 
  • IoT Testing: In today’s world IoT devices are emerging very rapidly. IoT Testing is a category of testing in which bugs are found in IoT devices.

Career Options in Software Testing Field

Some career options in software testing are-

  • QA analyst – A quality assurance analyst is in charge of software testing and setting standards.
  • QA Team Coordinator – Team building for Quality assurance consisting of programmers, developers, etc.
  • Test Manager – Uses various management tools to test the processes of production
  • Business Analyst – Uses past data records for decision making and planning out business strategies.

Salary Software Tester Earns in India

Freshers in the field of Software Testing earn 2 to 3 lacs per anum. One who is having an experience of 4 to 6 years can earn easily between  5 to 7 lacs per anum.


This was a detailed guide of software testing which includes career options, scope, certifications, etc for anyone interested to become a software tester. If you have any queries with regards to the information provided in this blog kindly comment below we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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