Modelling Career in India: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

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One of the job profiles that bring in with it a lot of glamour and fame is Modelling. Ideally a model is one who sets examples for the rest to follow. Modeling as a profession requires a good breakthrough to make one’s dreams real, after which one’s social status gets escalated to that of a social icon. Be it getting published on glossy dazzling magazines or being the face of a brand – the youth of the country today have been particularly inclined towards this profession. Every company requires models in order to endorse their products or to showcase the artistic creations of professional fashion designers. It has now become a very alluring field with several opportunities for young people. 

Know About Modelling

A model is usually a person who plays a role to promote, showcase, and advertise several commercial products of any company, or even assist in providing visual aids for photographers or artists. Many celebrities regularly take up assignments along with their usual professional work.

Different Categories of Modelling

Modeling can be further subdivided into several different types like fashion, fitness, fine art, body-part, teen, plus-size, commercial print, promotional, and the like. These models get featured in several magazines, internet, television, company websites, and even in some films.

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Scope of Modeling in India

Due to the increase in consumerism, the advertising agencies; fashion, cosmetic and textile industries all have got a major boost. The unforeseen boom in these industries has created continual demand for fresh models. Every company is on a constant lookout to hire models who’ll flash their products in front of their audience. Opportunities in this field are simply overwhelming. And hence, any person who wants to make a career out of modeling in our country has several possibilities laid in front of them. 

Previously, the fashion world happened to be stereotypically called the woman’s industry where jobs were more promising for women and they had more opportunities of getting paid more than the opposite gender. But with globalization, the country has progressed in its mindset as well, transforming this field of modeling as a promising option for men as well.

Educational Requirements To Become A Model

There is no requirement for higher qualifications to enter the fashion world. Having the required physical attributes are enough to be a part of this industry. There are no specific educational degrees one needs to attain in order to be a part of the modeling field, besides some capsule courses provided by only a few institutions in the country that one can consider. Several models have started their own private institutions to train the budding youth who are keen to enter this field.

In order to ensure better opportunities and one’s stability in this field it is highly recommended to undertake the Undergraduate degree program in Creative Art and Design after completing high school. One can consider these courses:

  • UG Degree – B.A. in Creative Arts and Design for 3-4 years.
  • Diploma – Creative Arts and Design for 1 year
  • Diploma – Fashion Styling for 1 year
  • Certificate course – in modeling for 6 months in any private institution
  • Advanced Certificate course – in modeling for 1 year
  • Training program – In modeling for 1-3 months in any private institution

Pertaining to this course, the students are taught types of modeling, camera technology, physical education, posing; creativity and design, and personality development. Candidates can also get admission in various courses provided by FTII and NSD.

Some colleges in the country where one can pursue modeling courses are:

  • National School of Drama (NSD), Delhi
  • Zee Institute of Media Arts, Mumbai
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), New Delhi
  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  • Northeast Institute of Fashion Technology, Guwahati
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida

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Skills Required in Modelling Field

Stamina & Patience – A model requires to have the stamina, patience, and perseverance to juggle the hectic schedules and maintaining themselves. Patience is required for anyone who is willing to progress and stay for long in this field.

Photogenic – Being comfortable in front of the camera requires immense self-confidence and charm. Posing properly and having no problem facing the camera, allowing yourself to feel beautiful in front of the camera is a skill that one needs to develop.

Attractive Personality – A charismatic personality filled with propriety can be pleasing. Being graceful yet bold is exactly the kind of personality that is being hunted in this field. 

Appealing Face – No matter what the skin color is, if one has a gorgeous smile or sharp well-defined features along with eyes that speak of the confidence that one carries, one can surely make an impression worth noticing. 

Good Physique – Maintaining yourself is a quintessential task in this field. Having a good height, an ideal physique is what makes the chances of breaking into this field easier. One needs to be physically as well as mentally sound to enter this field.

Communication Skills – One requires to be proficient in English and needs to communicate easily. One should know how to talk their mind out and be confident with their own words. 

Career Options Available In Modelling Field

Modeling is a field distinguished because of its cut-throat competition. One needs to be ready to grab every opportunity they are faced with. Avoiding scams can be a real deal while establishing a career in modeling. Depending upon one’s area of interest or the opportunities one gets, the usual sectors for settling one’s career as a model are the Film Industry, several Fashion Companies, TV and Medical industries, and other Government and Private Companies. 

After completion of the educational courses, one can be recruited to further their career by companies like Face 1, Catwalk, Ozone Models Management, Platinum Models, The Bridge; Glitz, the Ramp; The Tina Factor and the like. Depending on the type of modeling one is involved in, one can get several opportunities to work with big brands and companies, displaying their products on ramps or photographs taken for magazines. One can choose to be a showroom model, a runaway model, a catalog model, an editorial model, a promotional model, or a print advertisements model. If one excels in their field, they might get offers from international fashion agencies to walk for their companies. 

Salary of Professional Model In India

The salary in this field is variable. It fluctuates depending on the shows the model is a part of. A low budget fashion show can pay Rs. 5K – 10K per show, for a beginner. In the long run, a model can charge 20K-50K per show. A magazine shoot can pay Rs. 15k to 25K per edition while the advertisement prints pay as per the photographs printed. Billboard advertisements also provide decent money for the models.


Staying optimistic and never giving up is one key factor in this industry. A determined person is bound to cut his/her way through the adversities that are a part of the modeling world. I hope this study was helpful as it gives a complete insight into Modelling as a Career Option.

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