Top 10 Best Computer Courses For Housewives in India

Computer Courses for Housewives

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Housewives have often been seen as women who are only supposed to do household chores. But with the advancement of technology, the scope of doing household work and having a professional life parallelly is also possible. Housewives can set up their own food blogs or even open their own home-made art and crafts business and the like. Other times housewives may try to help with their husband’s business and the need to know the basic working of the computer and the world wide web has become a necessity. 

If one wants to do something for themselves and use their talents and skills apart from running the house and looking after the family, the internet is the perfect space to leave one’s mark. And to learn the basics of computers and then several aspects of the internet that can help them set a professional life too.

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List of Top 10 Best Professional Computer Courses for Housewives:

These are the list of 10 best computer courses for housewives that will not only help them learn the basics of computers but also the basics that would help them surf through the world wide web as well. One can take computer courses on these:

1. Course on Windows and Windows Accessories –

Before one can start working on the desktop or laptop they need to get acquainted with hardware and the software. They need to learn the basics about the Operating System they’ll be working on and about the Windows Accessories like using the calculator, word pad, improving the performance of the system defragmentation, installing and uninstalling software, creating new files and folders, using copy paste and rename options for the files and folders, using keyboard shortcuts and the like. If one learns these basics the first step is complete as one can know confidently start using the computer or laptop at home to explore more. One can learn these courses on mobile and checking the videos on YouTube or do courses available online through their phones or offline through several centers. 

Some online computer courses housewives can check on their phones are as follows:

  • Computer training for housewives on Lynda
  • Windows 10 May 2019 Update Essential on Lynda from LinkedIn learning
  • Windows 7 Essential Training on Lynda from LinkedIn learning

2. Microsoft Word Skills – Document Writing and Editing 

Almost all businesses set up requires a lot of documentation. It can be a lot of writing, editing, creating, and the like. If one wants to help with their husband’s business even then learning the basics of Microsoft Word is absolutely essential. Most of the reports, statistics, and all professional work are done via the use of MS Word. One can edit samples, use it to make applications, bills, reports. Be it work for Real Estates, Cyber Café, Construction Contracts, or any kind of business that the housewife wants to help the husband with, they need to learn the skills associated with Word. If one wants to make a profession through blog writing and other written tasks, these skills help in the long run. One can opt for courses like:

  • Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced on Udemy
  • Learn Microsoft Word 2016 For Beginners on Udemy
  • Learning Word Online on Lynda (via LinkedIn)

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3. Microsoft Excel – Mathematical and Business Calculation along with Data Management

All the mathematical calculations and inventory management required to be done for any business Microsoft Excel comes handy. If one has the fundamental knowledge of Excel then one can easily manage a lot of tasks like customer data, loss and profit management, stock management, employee’s salary calculations, payments of distributors, retailers, and the like in a very organized manner. Be it helping one’s husband for their business work or working on one’s own startups or small work from home businesses Excel comes handy. One can print professional-looking reports and visualizations if they can use Excel properly. Hence doing courses on Excel can help housewives a lot. One can opt for courses like:

  • Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series on Udemy
  • Microsoft Certification in Excel on Vin Learning Centre
  • Microsoft Excel Master Class for Business Managers on Udemy
  • Excel Skills for Business on Coursera

4. Professional Email Course

Emails are absolutely necessary for everyone now as without one no one can even become a part of any social media forums. If one needs to set up a business or blog or become part of social media forums it is essential for them to have e-mails. If housewives are thinking of starting their professional jobs by having a small business or helping their husbands then using emails efficiently is very important as most of the clients or customers tend to contact through emails. Emails make the work more professional. One needs to learn how to create an e-mail, how to check e-mails, how to send text emails, how to attach documents, and choosing the email options and settings. While using the laptop or desktop they also need to know how to set up their email on Microsoft Outlook or Open source Thunderbird. If one is using emails for business purposes, they can also learn about e-mail marketing. Most of the courses can be learned through YouTube itself while others can be learned from online skill-based forums or offline computer centers. Some of the available online courses are as follows:

  • Email- courses, classes, training, tutorials on Lynda from LinkedIn Learning
  • Email Online Courses on Lynda from LinkedIn Learning
  • How to Write Professional Emails Training Course on Futurelearn
  • Email Writing Course on writing-skills

5. Cyber Security and Privacy

The increased use of social media, digital communication, e-commerce, digital banking, online businesses all have made the internet are very risky zone for the people unknowingly. Although it provides a huge forum for people, organizations, startups, companies, it is also causing frauds and thefts easily. Before setting up a business, one needs to know all the security and privacy terms properly and can-do courses regarding this. This will enable one to know the safety and security measures too. Although people tend to skip this it is a very important part of learning basics of the computer and internet world. There are several free and paid courses on online security and privacy that one can look into like:

  • Data Security and Privacy Training on Udemy
  • Privacy Law and Data Protection on Class Central
  • Security and Privacy for Big Data on Coursera

6. WordPress Skills – For Website Creation

Having a business all by yourself and trying to establish an online presence essentially requires one to have a website. Almost 90% of the businesses that are upon the net need to have websites of their own to offer their services or products. If you are thinking of starting your own small business online or helping with your husband’s business ensure that a website is there. Be it educational websites or other informational ones everything needs to have a presence online and websites are necessary. Often you can hire people or even freelancers to help you with the website but its still better to learn it all by yourself so that if you require help you can get it but most of its work you do independently by yourself. Setting up your website on WordPress can be a really great start and learning some online courses to get help with WordPress can be a great option for housewives. Some of the courses that housewives can consider are as follows:

  • WordPress the complete Business Web Design Course – Udemy
  • WordPress for Beginners: Master WordPress Quickly on Udemy
  • WordPress 101 for Beginners on WP101
  • WordPress: E-Commerce on LinkedIn Learning
  • WordPress Plugins: Analytics on LinkedIn Learning
  • WordPress: Plugin Development on LinkedIn Learning
  • WordPress: Workflows on LinkedIn Learning

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7. Blogging/ Content Writing – for your audience

Be it having an educational website, a blog for your hobbies, or even blogs attached to websites – these are the ways one can establish oneself over the world wide web. Content created can attract a large number of customers if it proves to be of good quality. This is an easier task one can work on if they feel the technicalities aren’t their forte.  Content writing is a means of communicating messages, informing, educating, and even updating a specific group of audience on particular topics or even about the services and products offered. 

If you’re thinking of helping your husband or working alone as a blogger, content writing is a very important field that one needs to be adept at. One can consider the following courses:

  • Ultimate Web Content Writing: Masterclass and Power words E-book on Udemy
  • Content Strategy for Professionals on Coursera
  • Content is King: Write Killer Content for Web and Marketing on Udemy
  • Content Writing Mastery: For Beginners on Udemy

8. Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Promotion

If you’re planning to set up your business out online or your husband has an existing business online and you want to help him out learning digital marketing can be beneficial. This is a form of marketing online that will help in increasing the reach of the business online and in turn help it grow. You can learn Facebook Marketing, Pinterest marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and the basics of digital marketing in order to make the business grow. Every skill has to be looked into to solve questions related to advertising, Facebook marketing, and the like. These are the basic skills everyone needs to learn to make an online presence. Some of the recommended courses are as follows:

  • Marketing in a Digital World on Coursera
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 in 1 on Udemy
  • Digital Media and Marketing Principles on Coursera
  • Inbound Digital Marketing Course on HubSpot
  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy on Skillshare
  • Facebook Blueprint on Blueprint e-learning

9. Graphic Designing

This is one such course which is absolutely suitable for all the housewives who are creative. Housewives have spent a lot of time knitting and helping the children with school projects and some are so creatively inclined that they make artworks of their own to decorate the houses or give as gifts. Often this creativity is just termed as a hobby but one can make good use of it by utilizing these talents. Housewives can think of this course as Graphic Designing is a very important part of businesses also. The visual designs, posters, flyers, brochure, and advertisement designs – all of it can be designed if one has proper knowledge of Graphic Designing. If one wants to have blogs, they can have graphic aspects and play with fonts and colors too. The courses one can consider are as follows:

  • Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design on Skillshare
  • Typography that works: Typographic compositions and Fonts on Skillshare
  • Introduction to Graphic Design on Udemy
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop from Scratch on Udemy

One can also look into the YouTube videos of several Graphic Designers to start out and then try to implement them.

10. Basic Computer Repairing

Every device needs maintenance and repair. Knowing the basics of how to upgrade, repair, and maintain the devices are not only useful but also necessary while working on them. The skills of computer repairing can be customization of software, antivirus installations, and scanning, replacement of ram, hard disks, and the like. These skills make one very confident while using the machine itself. Housewives can help in avoiding the extra expenses spent on technicians when minor problems occur on the devices and work on it by themselves. One can consider some courses for this like:

  • Top Computer Repairing Course on Udemy
  • Computer Repair Online Course- becoming an expert on Udemy
  • IT and Hardware Course and Training on Lynda through LinkedIn Learning


Housewives can make the most of their time at home and learn a lot of cooking skills and other skills that they wish to polish on the internet. Being able to use laptops it is easier for them to stream through the net. If one wishes to do work from home they can do so if they know the few basics of computers and one can also set up businesses by themselves by utilizing their talents. Hence these are a few of the computer courses that one can consider while thinking of knowing the basics of computers and the net and also setting up a business by staying at home.

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