10 Best Courses After 12th Commerce For Girls in India

Best Courses After 12th Commerce For Girls

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Nowadays girls are competing and also defeating boys in many fields around the world. The world has no longer any boundaries for any girl. With a good grip on transforming technology and communication, every girl and woman in the world has more than enough space to live her dream never like before.

So if you are one of the girls who want to achieve her dream and change the world you have an opportunity to do so. Here is the list of career options that a girl can choose according to her skills, enthusiasm, passion, and talent.

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Top 10 Best Courses After 12th Commerce For Girls:-

1. Air Hostess Course

Becoming an Air Hostess is the dream of many girls in India. Let it be anyone flying is the wish of most peoples. If you want to make turn your dream true then becoming an Air Hostess is the career option for you.

As the number of airlines is rising in today’s world demand for energetic young air hostesses are also rising. 

So after reading this information if you think to become an air hostess then you are on the right path.

2. Career in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most innovative and creative career options you can choose after completing your 12th Commerce. As a fashion designer, you’ll get the opportunity to work with multiple well-known brands in India as well as out of India. All this because the fashion industry around the world is growing very rapidly.

So if you are willing to undergo a fashion designing course no one can stop you to achieve your dreams and become a well-known fashion designer.

3. Journalism and Mass Communication

If you want to become one of the most famous faces of News Channels like Barkha Dutt, Sweta Singh, Anjana Om Kashyap, etc then with the help of degree in Journalism and Mass Communication you can be one of them. But you have also keep one thing in mind that with this fame you can face multiple challenges like odd working hours, the pressure of deadlines, last-minute edits, etc. Besides all the fame, success and challenges you have a great opportunity to contributing towards society by giving the right information.

If you have the fire in your self for achieving success, helping others, becoming famous then just take a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and complete your dreams.

4. Modeling Course 

If you are a girl who really wants glamour, fame, name, and money then no doubt modeling is the field you should opt for. Let it be any girl or boy if asked did they want to become a model they’ll always say you yes. 

If you become a model then doors of Bollywood, TV channels, serials, reality shows, and game shows will automatically get open for you. 

If you have confidence in yourself then just go with the modeling course and achieve your dreams.

5. Teaching

In India career in teaching is regarded as one of the most reputed professions. Let it be any parent they want a good education for their child which a good teacher can only give him.  

If you want to become a person who can improve the lives of children and make them successful. Then no doubt teaching is a career option you should opt for

To become a teacher you can complete your graduation in any field then apply for teacher job roles in Schools or colleges.

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6. Interior Designing

If you are highly creative and have a passion for designing the interior of the home, building, apartment and office you can become an Interior Designer.

As an interior designer, you can get hired by architectural firms, interior designing companies, builders, etc. 

When you got a good amount of experience in this field you can even start your own firm and make a good amount of money.

7. Beautician Course

Let it be any girl or woman in the world they wanted to look beautiful. Those ladies are looking for a person who can make them beautiful and good looking. 

After completing your beautician and makeup course you can work as a beauty consultant, nail art specialist, masseur or even start your own beauty business.

8. Human Resource

Let it be any size of the organization Human Resource Department plays a very crucial role in it. Their main responsibilities are hiring, screening, interviewing and placing candidates. They also monitor and handle employee relations, employee retention, payroll, of an organization.

If you are the one girl who wants to play a very vital role in any organization then you can opt to become a Human Resource Profession.

9. Event Management

As you are an Event Management Professional you’ll be working on mall openings, celebrity parties, marriages, sporting events, conferences, fashion shows, etc. You’ll get an opportunity to meet a wide range of people, exploring new places and many more. 

If you are kind of a person who likes to meet many people, explore new places, and loves to work in a variety of environment then event management is the best career option for you.

10. Home Science

The branch of science that primarily deals with home is called home science. The career scope of home science is far beyond needlework, home decoration, and cooking. Nowadays home science is one of the best career options for girls after completing their 12th Commerce because of varying exposure to subjects like interior decoration, food preservation, textiles, clothing, etc. 

If you are the one who really wants to explore all the above subjects and make a good career then Home Science is the best career for you.


Above are the best jobs that you as a girl can opt for after completing your 12th Commerce. I believe this blog will help you to start your career in the correct direction.

However, every career and course is different in its own way. You should always choose your career on the basis of passion, love, and enthusiasm for the work.

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