10 Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce in India

professional courses after 12th commerce

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Commerce has become one of the most pursued streams in recent times and has grown rapidly. The scope of career options after pursuing commerce in the 12th is vast and ever-expanding. Students who want to become a part of the corporate sector, take up commerce as their stream in their +2s and also for higher studies. Chartered Accountancy is not the only course that one can opt for after taking commerce. There are a lot of avenues one can explore after 12th commerce as their career option. One can pursue several courses after 12th commerce and the common query of what professional course to do after 12th commerce is solved here.

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How to choose one course from the available courses after 12th Commerce?

There are several professional courses after 12th commerce that one can choose from. One needs to choose a course that suits their taste and in which they are confident that they can excel. Making one’s career decisions can be overwhelming and also confusing so one should pursue only that course which will grow their interests. After completing class 10, one gets acquainted with the commerce subjects in class 11 and by the end of 12 they are able to expand their knowledge in that particular stream. Commerce is a vast field with several areas that one can explore after 12th commerce as their career options. The professional degree courses are often based on Finance, Law, Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Investment, Investment Banking, Insurance, Management, General Banking, Consulting, Supervising, Reporting, and the like. 

One has to understand where their interest lies, which part of the stream they want to know more about, and the course in which they can give their maximum efforts. Students driving motif should be the fact that whichever course they take they should be able to love it in order to work hard and make the best out of that course. 

What are the Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce?

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

This is an undergraduate level degree program that offers a general degree to the students pursuing this course over a span of 3 years. This is one of the simplest and the most pursued courses by the commerce students after class 12. If someone has a general degree in B. Com then it helps even after someone goes on to pursue other professional courses. Graduation is essential for all students wishing to go for higher studies. One can either pursue B. Com as a full-time course or as a correspondence course. Correspondence courses also known as the distance education courses are opted for when one is doing a professional course like CA or CS. Otherwise it is advised to go for a regular course itself.

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2. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) Honours

It is an extended version of the general B. Com degree with a specialization in a particular subject of the student’s choice for the available options like Management, Economics, Accountancy, and the like. Although the subjects might be similar to that of the general course, the honors course makes students do an in-depth analysis of the subjects. This in turn makes the demand for the honors student increase more than that of the general degree students in the industry. Despite this, the eligibility criteria for both the courses might be the same or can vary from one university to the other.

3. Bachelor Degree in Economics 

Students can pursue this course after 12th commerce if they have a liking towards this subject. This course teaches students about the economic policies, economic concepts, analytical methods, and programs and about the economic framework as well. Specialization in this subject is highly rewarding as it helps to prepare people for the Indian Civil Service Exams as well. One can also enter the Banking Industry with ease.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

This course has a time duration of 3 years and helps students to build a solid base in the core business disciplines and also a knowledge of the functional areas of a business space. If one is keen to learn about business administration, business insights, business skills, and other aspects of a business then this is the perfect course for one to pursue. One can opt for Post-Graduation courses like Masters of Business Administration (MBA) after completing graduation. For the ones thinking of building their careers in the financial and business management field BBA is a great option!

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5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

This is one of the professional courses after 12th commerce that is designed for a time span of 3 years in order to prepare students in the management area. It offers practical knowledge coupled with theoretical knowledge to teach students leadership and managerial skills and practice required in the business world. The students are provided knowledge on human resources, research methodologies, organizational theories, and other aspects in the field of management. As the demand for the professional-managerial experts is increasing, the number of students opting for this course is also increasing. This course should be done from a reputed and renowned college that can help one establish themselves successfully in the corporate sector.

6. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

To date this course is claimed to be the best professional course for all commerce students. Being a Chartered Accountant can open other doors of opportunities allowing one to become a Tax consultant, an auditor, an advisor, or a financial officer. One can work independently or get a corporate job as well. Being the best professional course, it requires a lot of hard work and perseverance on the part of students. Although the beginner’s level is easy, but in the intermediate and higher levels it gets more complex and difficult. This can build a promising and profitable career in the areas of taxation, auditing, financial reporting, etc for the students and earn a lot of respect along with it.

7. Company Secretary (CS)

This is also one renowned professional course for all commerce students. The company secretary of a company helps in the smooth running of the company, takes the role of the in-house legal expert, and takes charge of the regulatory compliances. Companies hire several Company Secretaries as they are the ones that help the company run in an organized manner, yet one can choose to work independently or choose to settle with a corporate job. Several students study CA and CS in combinational to widen their career options.

8. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) 

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India or ICWAI offers this course. Cost Accountant experts maintain the cost accounting records, work on the cost audits, ensure proper planning, controlling, and costing of the products of the company. Several private and government sectors hire Cost Accountants but one can practice independently as well. Cost Accountants can make the choice about the cost audit areas, consulting areas, and the like. 

9. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Financial Planning Standard Board India or FPSB India license this course which looks into areas like personal finance, mutual fund investing, wealth management, insurance planning, and the like. This professional course allows one to become a part of the financial management world and if one has an interest in becoming a financial planner then this is definitely the course one should pursue.

10. Bachelor of Law (LLB) 

The Bar Council of India is responsible for regulating this course in India. Students can pursue this course after their 12th grade. They can start practicing as advocates only after clearing the All India Bar Examination. One can also opt for integrated courses like BA LLB, B.Sc. LLB, BBA LLB, B. Com LLB which span over 5 years after completing their 12th grade. Law is a very rewarding career in the long run and a lot of students of today’s generation are opting for this course. 

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What are the other courses after 12th commerce for creative people?

Commerce Students can also pursue courses that are not related to finances, accountancy, law, or taxation and can follow their own passions and dreams. If they add dedication and hard-work into their passion they can easily become successful in these creative fields also. Some of the fields that require a lot of creativity and can be pursued after 12th commerce are:

There are other career options after 12th commerce such as Hotel Management, Journalism, Mass Communication, and the like. 


These are a few professional courses after 12th commerce which will widen the career options for the commerce students who want to know the options apart from Chartered Accountancy. One must always keep in mind what drives them and their interests before choosing any course.

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