Fashion Designing Career in India: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

Fashion Designing
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The fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the previous decade itself making fashion designing a very buoyant vocational stream of education for creative and talented young people. Fashion designing provides a plethora of possibilities and opens a lot of doors of opportunities for those who possess the authenticity and creativity to play with colors, textures, shades, loves sketching and are always updated with the happenings of the fashion world. 

Know About Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a form of applied art committed to the designing of lifestyle and clothing accessories. This art form is determined by several socio-cultural outlooks that have evolved with time. Fashion designing has been a part and parcel of the royal families in ancient history and has come a long way to the haute couture results of today. This is one of the remunerative, captivating, exciting, and glamorous job options in the present times. The fashion industry satisfies both the materialistic needs and the creative aspirations of individuals. It promises fame and success to budding talents who are hardworking and efficient. If one can create unique fashion products using several different or similar cloth pieces, textures, colors, and shapes and can combine them together with their managerial skills then one is clearly ready to cut through the fashion industry.

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Work Profile of Fashion Designers

Designers study the trends and try to create something that will either fall under the trend or defy it and start a separate trend altogether. They are the ones who sketch the designs at the initial stage and implement their designs by choosing fabrics from manufacturers they meet at trade shows. They take care of the entire garment production process starting from the initial sketches to the last stage of manufacturing. They look into the pattern making, sewing, conducting fitting and adjustment on prototypes of the designs made, improving the functionality and aesthetics of their design and meeting the demands of the market or the clients they are working for. Some designers work in a particular specialized field while others look into other ranges of garment and apparel creations.

Scope Of Fashion Designing in India

The fashion industry has got a great boost in India because of the presence of the entertainment industry also. The average income of the people had increased in the previous decade and more importance on bettering their lifestyles and attire came into place. In a globalized and digital world, people are exposed to international trends also and the desire to imitate or become better than them have also come into play, making people of our country is actively looking forward to the work of the fashion industry.

There is a constant demand for professional fashion designers who can create better and attractive fashion accessories and garments for the people. Other professionals are required especially to design the costumes and clothing items and footwear for the celebrities or the people working in the entertainment industry. Creating clothing items for people with different tastes, are also becoming increasingly demanding and hence enhances the scope of fashion designing in India. 

Courses You Can Undergo To Become Fashion Designers in India

Aspirants can pursue fashion designing courses after completing 12th from any stream for the graduation level. Even at the postgraduate level design graduates are given more priority than other graduates of other streams. The most popular design courses are as follows:

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Undergraduate Fashion Design Courses– 

  • Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) in Fashion Design 
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons.) in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Design and Technology

Postgraduate Fashion Design Courses– 

  • Master of Design (M. Des.) in Fashion Design
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Fashion Design
  • MBA in Fashion Design and Management
  • MBA in Fashion Management
  • M.Sc. in Fashion Designing
  • M.Sc. in Design and Technology

Diploma Fashion Design Courses–

  1. Diploma in Fashion Design
  2. Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design
  3. PG Diploma Fashion Design
  4. Certificate Course in Fashion Design
  5. Certificate in Fashion Styling

Skills Required To Become A Fashion Designer

A good sense of aesthetics, color combinations, proper fashion sense, knowledge of the ongoing trends in the global market, eye for details, fabric, and design style ideas are acquired skills that one needs to upgrade constantly if they want to make fashion designing their career.

Creativity and Artistic skills are also very important. They need to be creative with their ideas, unique with their designs, and should also possess the capacity to put their design ideas down on paper or software using their illustration or sketching skills. They should be familiar with computer-aided design (CAD) programs and other graphic editing software. They should have keen knowledge about their work and should possess the power of decision making to apply it as and when required while finalizing designs. They should also know how to communicate with their heads, teammates, colleagues, or even the clients and manufacturers. Their communication skills are also given utmost priority in this field.

Job Options In The Fashion Designing Field

The fashion industry in India has just come to age and is constantly growing because of the demand for designer clothing pieces and a large number of exports conducted by our country. The demand for enthusiastic and dedicated designers is increasing day by day and hence the job prospects for a fashion designer are quite large. One can become a freelancer and work independently taking up several projects and assignments all by themselves. They can also choose to work for garment store chains, textile mills, export houses, leather companies, boutiques, jewelry houses, media houses, and fashion show organizers as they are always on the lookout for professional, bold, and unique fashion designers to work with them. The other job options underneath the umbrella career of fashion designing include:

  • Art directors – for magazines, newspapers, movies, and television productions. They guide the team about the artworks and the layouts and prepare the overall outline of the designs and finalize them.
  • Floral Designers – They make designs using ribbons, dried flowers and leaves to make decorative displays for their clients.
  • Jewelers and Metal Stone Workers – They look into jewelry designing and cut, add, repair, adjust and design new jewelry and metal stone accessories.

Apart from these fashion designers can also choose to become costume designers, personal stylists, fashion consultants, fashion coordinators, fabric quality control managers, apparel production managers, showroom sales representatives, and the like.

Salary Fashion Designers Earn in India

The starting salary is Rs.10K to Rs.15K per month. With experience one gets to make their portfolio attractive and can earn Rs.30K to Rs 50K per month. If one is really talented and becomes popular in a small span of time through their unique designing style then they can easily demand as much money per work as they want to. The fashion designer’s pay package shows an upward moving curve always and hence the salary package is bound to increase in the long run.


The fashion designing field is vast and one can design footwear, clothing items, accessories, etc. The scope in India is itself widening and any person with a lot of creativity wanting to pour it out in their profession can definitely think of fashion designing as their career option.

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