Job Oriented Short Term Computer Courses After Graduation in India

Job Oriented Short Term Computer Courses After Graduation
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Short term courses are a hype presently because it allows one to invest a shorter time span to a course and also get a job right after it. Usually, short term courses have a time duration of 3 to 6 months but vary according to the institutes. It must be kept in mind before taking up any short term course, that the course is provided by a reputed institute which has good placement opportunities to land up in a good job right after you complete the course.

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List of Job Oriented Short Term Courses to opt After Graduation:

1. Digital Marketing 

It is a vast field which consists of topics like SEO, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Brand Management, SMO, Analytics, etc. There are two types of courses available: online and offline courses.

  • Online courses: 

This is a type of course that can be opted from your home and all you need to do is buy the materials required for the course which are e-books, PDF files, audio, and video materials, etc.

  • Offline courses: 

This is a type of course which is in the form of the old traditional classroom study. The course duration is  3-6 months. 

Job Opportunities after Completing a Digital Marketing Course

  • Digital Marketer (Independent)
  • Digital Marketing Professional (working for agencies)
  • Online Brand Management Professional 
  • Social Media Expert
  • E-Commerce Manager

2. SEO Course 

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This course includes the techniques to boost the rank of the website and other web entities in the search engine results page. This field is always evolving because the techniques and methods become old and outdated so new techniques have to be introduced. This field is very well paid when it comes to jobs. 

Job Opportunities After This Course:

  • SEO Manager 
  • SEO Consultant 
  • Content Marketer 
  • SEO Executive 

3. Graphic Designing

This course is for the ones who are creative. This topic includes various applications of many other fields. This program consists of subjects like photo editing and enhancing, sketching, logo designing, UI designing, and printing technology. 

Job Opportunities after completing a Graphic Designing Course

  • Graphic Designers (Independent Freelancers) 
  • Graphic Designers (Corporate Team) 
  • Brand identity manager 
  • Printing Specialist 
  • Creative Director
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Graphic Designers (at magazines and other publishing firms) 

4. Animation & Multimedia

This course includes topics like VFX and VFX Pro, Basic of Animation, Film Design and Animation, Game Design and Animation, Multimedia design, etc. Although this course has become a part of graphic design, yet students opt for Animation and Multimedia as a specialization course. 

Job Opportunities After Completing Animation & Multimedia Course: 

  • VFX Professional (Independent as well as in studios) 
  • Film Animation Professional 
  • Visual Effect Artist 
  • Advertising Agencies 
  • Art and Creative Director 
  • Digital Publishing firms 

5. Content Writing 

This course can also be told as part of the Digital Marketing field. This course helps the students to develop and improve their writing skills and writing style. This course includes English Grammar, Content layout, Marking and Highlighting, etc. 

Job Opportunities in Content Writing

  • Content Writer 
  • Content Editor 
  • Content Marketing Professional 
  • Content Associate

6. Web Design & Web Development 

This course focuses on the creation and maintenance of websites, blogs, and E-commerce sites. This course consists of two main topics which are web scripting and graphic & multimedia. The course includes topics such as CMSs, Hosting, and services, etc. Web scripting is all about web editors, HTML, CSS, PHP, PERL, JAVA, and JavaScript. Whereas the Graphic parts cover topics such as Graphic design, animation, and multimedia. 

Job Opportunities in Web Design & Web Development 

  • Web Designer (Independent as well as for MNCs and agencies) 
  • Designer at Tech start-ups 
  • E-Commerce sites 
  • Online Publishing Platforms
  • Design consultant 

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7. App Development & Design 

This course includes topics like UI design, programming languages, app testing, multimedia integration, graphic design, etc. In this course, students have to work with different Operating Systems such as Android, IOS, and Windows. The student can opt for specializing in any one of them. The duration of the course is 6 months. 

Job Opportunities in App Development & Design

  • Web designer 
  • UI designer 
  • App developer (Independent as well as agencies) 
  • E-Commerce sector 
  • Game designer 
  • App tester 
  • Game tester 

8. CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) 

This course includes topics like various CAD software and programs which are AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and Infra-works. This course also includes drafting skills and knowledge of Engineering students and graduates. This course is very beneficial for Engineering students; Electrical, Mechanical, Civil. 

Job Opportunities in CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting)  

  • Civil Engineering Drifting and Design
  • Architectural Drafting and Design
  • Mechanical Drifting and Design
  • CAD Drafting and Design

Othe Courses one can consider:

Depending on someone’s interest one can also check these courses :

  • Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Relational Database Management System (RDMS) 


These courses usually add on to a person’s skill set enabling the person to add them to their CV and get a job. Usually, these short term courses are of two types: Diploma courses or Certificate courses, hence students should keep in mind the type of course while opting for one.

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