Graphic Designing Career in India 2021: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

Graphic Designing

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With the advancement of technology and our world getting narrowed down to the internet browsing through the world wide web, checking several websites each day, and every bit of it is made user friendly and appealing to the eyes by Graphic designers. With the increase in population, more people of our country are getting access to the World Wide Web and it is in turn creating a demand for skilled graphic designers, web designers, and developers.

Know About Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is itself a skill that demonstrates innovative ideas through pictures and texts in magazines, websites, advertising, and the like. Graphic Designers put out their creativity in their professional sphere and help in visual communication with the audience. Every designing project requires the use of several graphics be it typography, image-making, type designs, or print designs. 

If one is good with visual communication, has a knack for art, and is creative – then Graphic Designing is surely something that will turn their passion for art into their profession. Graphic designers are recruited by advertising studios, several marketing firms, design studios, entertainment, gaming industry, and even educational institutions. 

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Work Profile of Graphic Designers

The main work of graphic designers is to create, give shape, and form designs as per their imaginations and creativity. They are known for mixing art and technology together. They fabricate visual concepts on paper or on software to convey ideas that will inspire or inform people online and hold their attention. They work in the design sectors and develop the layouts of the designs to be showcased in magazines, brochures, company’s flyers or reports, and advertisements.

Graphic designers are the ones determining how a particular image or design would portray a message. After determining the message to be conveyed they implement it and create images with or without texts to go parallelly with a product or simply to convey the message. Graphic designers also work on the logos, product illustrations, and other graphics of a company’s website. They work with the color palette, font style, patterns, and combinations of all of these to design layouts. They incorporate changes asked by the clients or their heads and also review designs to ensure they are error-free and appealing to the eyes before it goes for printing. 

Graphic designers are expected to transform statistical data into friendly diagrams and visual graphics. They also work closely with the advertising, marketing, and public relations committee and put their inputs in the creation of communication designs. Graphic designers are expected to keep themselves updated with the most recent software facilities to remain in this competitive field and make most out of the latest technology. 

Scope Of Graphic Designing in India

Every part of our life is now surrounded by the work of several graphic designers. The logos, packaging, hoardings all are works of graphic designers. Graphic designers are required in almost all industries. In the entertainment industry their work helps in the art of storytelling. The covers of books and novels; CDs and DVDs, the credit courtesies in the movies every bit of it is done by graphic designers. Graphic Designing is growing each day because there are a lot of startups popping up in India. Each startup requires a skilled graphic designer to look into the company’s designing and audience communicating and engaging content creation strategies. The artworks created by graphic designers can usually communicate several political, social, and economic ideas and hence help in inspiring and informing the country’s people with the relevant information about the society. 

Every company selling products require graphic designers who’ll ensure that the product sells visually first. A major part of any company’s communication is based on visuals and there is no sector in the country where there is no use of Graphic Designing. If the graphics of magazines or websites are not captivating the audience might never find it alluring enough. Hence the demand for graphic designers is really high in the country. There is a lot of scope in this field as this is an area that was explored comparatively less by the previous generations leaving a lot of space for the youth to explore. Although several young creative people are taking to this field, the number of graphic designers is still falling short as all sectors require a lot of graphic designers. Hence, the scope in Graphic Designing is not only widening day by day but is a very convenient means of earning for creative people who think out of the box. This is the fastest growing industry and a graphic designer will always be offered jobs. One can choose a fixed job and even work as a freelancer as several Indian and International companies will approach designers if they have mastery over graphic designing.

Educational Requirements To Become A Graphic Designer

One needs to have a Bachelors’s degree in Graphic Designing. One can also pursue other courses like the diploma, masters, and doctoral courses thereafter. Candidates usually undertake other programs along with these courses like learning CSS, HTML, Photoshop, and Web Design. Some of the popular courses are mentioned below: 

Certificate And Diploma Courses–

  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Graduate Diploma Program in Graphic Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma Program in Graphic Design

Bachelors Courses–

  • Bachelors of Design (B. Des.) in Graphic Design
  • Bachelors of Graphic Design
  • Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) in Multimedia and Animations

Master Courses–

  • Master of Arts in Graphic Design
  • Master of Design (M. Des.) in Graphic Design

Doctoral Courses– 

  • A doctoral program in Graphic Design

One can get admission in the top design colleges of the country by sitting for the entrance exams like AIEED, NID Entrance Exam, CEED Entrance Exam, and UCEED Entrance exam. The top colleges 

one can get admission in for the graphic designing courses to include the National Institute of Design, New Delhi; IIT Kanpur; IIT Bombay, and MIT Institute of Design, Pune. 

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Skills Required to Become A Graphic Designer in India

The most basic skill required to think of a career in this field is creativity. One needs to have the capacity to think out of the box, presenting attractive graphics and visual content and coming up with innovative and unique ideas to make their work stand out. A knack towards art is a prerequisite for any individual to make Graphic Designing their career option. 

Other required skills include IT skills, problem-solving ability, having proper knowledge of all the software and applications used in graphic designing and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other languages used in web designing. Graphic designers need to have good communication skills to communicate their ideas into their work, their client’s requirements into the visuals, and also to communicate the final message through their completed work. Their ability to meet their client’s requirements and to work dedicatedly in particular project work are also skills necessary for a graphic designer.

Career Options In The Graphic Designing Field

As there are several specializations in the field of Graphic Designing one can hold a job position depending on their strength and mastery over a particular area. 

Some of the job prospects are Logo Designers, Flash Designers, Web Designers, Brand Identity Designers, Design Manager, Visual Image Editor, Video and Film Editor; Computer Graphics artist, and the like. All of these job profiles are rewarding. 

Some graphic designers work for firms and others work independently taking up several projects and work as freelancers also. These designers are recruited by top-notch companies like Wipro Technologies, Design Factory India, General Motors Design, Moonraft Innovation Labs Private Limited, and the like. 

The job prospects are broad and one can easily choose the area they want to specialize in and work in and decide whether to have a fixed job or not. Good graphic designers are bound to get a lot of offers and projects and hence their career is never going to be stagnant at any point in their lives.

Salary Do Graphic Designers Earn in India

With fixed jobs, graphic designers in India have an average pay package in the range of 2 LPA to 5 LPA. With proper control over their work, sound knowledge, and creative skills one can get even higher paid jobs. International companies also pay more than 5 LPA and hence one can keep upgrading their skills to get projects that have a better pay package. Graphic designers can further take up a lot of freelance projects and assignments that can also pay them a handsome amount of money outside their fixed jobs.


As Graphic designing is the most trending career of today’s time, the opportunities are limitless and one can explore a lot and get chances of making a profession out of their creativity. This career option has flexible working hours also allowing several young pupils to be a part of this industry.

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