Top 3 & 6 Month Short Term Courses After 12th Commerce in India

short term 3 & 6 months courses

The undergraduate certificate courses are often the job oriented training programs which are simple to pick up and beneficial. These short term courses help in adding to one’s skill set and unlike the certificate courses for post-graduation, these courses are easy and simple. 

With the increase in competition, several students want to stay ahead in the game and get in touch with these short term courses. Some might directly land them a job while others help in skill upgrading.

Some of the useful 3 and 6 months short term courses that one can think of after 12th commerce are as follows: 

1. Certificate Course in Credit Analysis 

This is a course which includes the knowledge and skills for becoming a good credit analyst along with accounting, industry analysis, business analysis, management assessment, financial analysis, loan security, credit evaluation as well as documentation and review procedures. This course is very important and valued in the field of financial analyst. The work of a credit analyst is collecting and examining the financial backgrounds of applicants which includes paying roles, income, and savings history thoroughly. 

The duration of the course – 6 months

Eligibility for this Course

The students opting for this course must have commerce as their mandatory subject in their class 12th

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2. Certificate Course in Accountancy & Tax Procedure

In this course, the students get a better and prominent knowledge about their current scenario of the country’s economy. This course helps the student to gain knowledge in topics like Indian tax regime, fundamentals and principal of accounting, taxation, VAT system, Calculation of GST. The students opting for this course should be good with calculations and should have a basic understanding of commerce. The work includes working on MS Office Suite, preparing balance sheets on Excel, tally, Cost Accounting, and Financial Accounting, fundamentals of Direct and Indirect Taxes. 

The duration of the course – 6 months

Eligibility for this Course 

The students opting for this should have commerce in their class 12th 

3. Certificate Course in Corporate Finance And Management Accounting 

This course consists of combined topics of accounting and business administration. This course helps the students to learn to read and interpret accounting reports, handle the documentation of financial information, prevent fraudulent activity, perform cost accounting procedures, and over budgets. This course completely covers topics which are related to try the business world.

Some subjects which this course includes: 

  • Spreadsheet applications
  • Cost analysis
  • Taxation 
  • Budgeting 
  • Statistic 
  • Business finance 

The duration of the course – 6 months

Eligibility For This Course:

The students opting for this should have commerce in their class 12th 

Along with the above-mentioned courses, there are also a few courses which varies between 3 & 6 months’ duration.

4. Computer Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Digital Marketing 
  • Certificate in Graphic Designing 
  • Certificate at MS office Proficiency 
  • Certificate in Inbound Marketing 
  • Certificate in CAD 
  • Certificate in Search engine optimization and SMM 
  • Certificate in App Development 

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5. Banking and Accounting Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Tally 
  • IBPS examination 
  • Certificate at Computerized Accounting 
  • Insurance-based examination 

6. Management Certificate courses 

  • Certification at NGO Management
  • Certification in Computing devices and Maintenance
  • Certification in Networking Technology 
  • Certification in Running business skills 
  • Hardware Certification

7. Language Certificate Course

  • Certification in Language 
  • Certification in creative writing 
  • Certification in Urdu-Language  
  • Certification in French, German, Spanish 

8. Visual & Performing Arts Certificate Course

  • Hindustani Music 
  • Painting 
  • Applied Arts 
  • Theatre Arts 
  • Carnatic Music 
  • Bharatnatyam 

9. Social Work Certificate Courses

  • Certification in Human Rights 
  • Certification in International Humanitarian Law 
  • Certification in Consumer-protection 

10. Agriculture and allied Field Certificate Courses

  • Certification Inorganic Farming 
  • Certification in Sericulture
  • Certification In bee-keeping 
  • Certification at Poultry farming 

11. Other Vocational and Certificate Courses

  • Certification in Home design 
  • Certification in Photography
  • Certification at Disaster Control 
  • Certification in Water Harvesting and Direction 
  • Certification in Environmental Studies. 
  • Certification at Hotel and Hospitality Management 
  • Beautician Certification
  • Air Hostess Certification 
  • Certification in both Video and Radio Jockeying 
  • Certification in Ticketing 


If you want to upgrade your skills right after class 12 then these certificate undergraduate courses are going to be a great addition to your CV. Hence, this article should give you a clearer picture of all the available short term 3 and 6 months courses that you can opt for after class 12th Commerce.

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