Human Resource Career in India 2021: Scope, Requirements, Skills, Jobs & Salary

Human Resource

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The most important asset that any company requires for proper running and functioning are employees. Hiring professionals, giving them proper training, teaching them the motto and strategies of the company, and ensuring they work productively are all a very big part that the management team needs to look into. An MBA in Human Resource Management is becoming more and more necessary for the global business industry as it helps in optimizing the performance of the employees to bring forth greater profit for the company. 

Know About Human Resource

It can be described as a department or the people responsible for looking into the management of the resources related to the employees of a company. This department of people looks into the training of the employees on how to deal with the company’s customers and also into other aspects of hiring, managing payments, and help in establishing a proper relationship between the employer and employees. There are several other managerial tasks that the Human Resource looks into which enables a company to progress more and more.

The area of Human Resource looks more into establishing proper relationships between the company’s heads, employees, customers, and the like and also ensuring that the employees are able to work productively in order to generate profits for the company. 

The students of human resource courses will be trained in the Laws of Industrial Relations, Labour Laws, Basics of HR Management, Employee Empowerment, Fundamentals of Industrial Relationships, Ways to Improve the Performance of the Employees, Grievance Address and Management and Appraisal of Employees. 

All the socio-economic and cultural factors that influence customer relationships are taught through this course. Despite the core topics there are several subsidiary topics that get covered in this course which are as important for running the organization smoothly as finance, general management, economics, marketing, organizational behavior, and the like.

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Scope of Human Resource Management in India

India is also a participant in the expansion of the global business sector. Every company, organization, industry requires Human Resource Development Managers to look into the smooth maintenance of the employees or the workforce. Hence, this job has become a very lucrative job position as a good HR manager is required in every company. With more startups expanding the demand is becoming greater and greater. The entire private sector runs on this department’s work as they enable the smooth running of the company, looking after the needs of the employees, as also maintaining their relations with the heads and customers. MNCs, airlines, factories, corporate houses, industries all need HR Managers. Several Government Departments and Government ministries also require these human resource managers and hire them. Hence the scope of this career is not only rewarding but also expanding in nature allowing the job prospects to increase for all the individuals.

Courses to become an HR Professional in India

There are several courses available for Human Resource Management and some of them are as follows:

  • Diploma Courses in Human Resource Management
  • Executive Diploma Program in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate Courses in Human Resource Management
  • Master in Human Resource Development
  • Master in Human Resource Management
  • Master of Business Administration in Personal Administration
  • Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management
  • Post Graduate Programme in Human Resources

It is always recommended to do MBA in HR since it will give you a huge scope in terms of knowledge and help you to develop managerial skills which are most important to boost the career.

The HR Programs will be divided into two levels – Advanced Level I and Advanced Level II. 

Advanced Level I – This level teaches the basics of business, the fundamentals of marketing, financial accounting fundamentals, cutting edge level 1 which enhances the language and personality skills. This course helps in guiding a person how to enter the industry as a good trainee, understanding of the organizational structures, and the basic business functioning.

Advanced Level II – This course focuses more on imparting knowledge about sales, research and analytic techniques, HR, Talent Management, Costing and Budgetary Control, and cutting level 2 to enhance time management skills. 

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Eligibility criterion to join the MBA HR Course

The eligibility criteria of an MBA in HR are kept the same as that of a general MBA. One has to complete graduation from any stream from recognized universities with at least 50% marks in graduation. 

Admission Procedure For joining the MBA HR course

To get admission to one of the B-schools of one’s choice, one needs to sit for the admission tests or the entrance examinations, take part in the group discussion, and also appear for the personal interview designed. The popular entrance exams one can take for admission related to MBA in HR are CAT ( Common Admission Test), XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), CMAT (Common Management Admission Test), MAT ( Management Aptitude Test), SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test), NMAT ( NMIMS Management Aptitude test by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council).

Skills and Attributes Required for Human Resource Management

  • Approachable Personality Having a friendly personality and outgoing nature is necessary to handle situations, employees, grievances, and work pressure.
  • Inspiring Character – They should know how to inspire and motivate the employees to give their 100% in a task assigned to them and become productive. They should also be a good team player and have a good team spirit.
  • Coordination Skills – Planning, implementing, coordinating all the employees work so that the talents and skills of the employees can be used to benefit the organization
  • Supervising Skills – They should help in linking the management of an organization with the employees. They are also responsible for planning and looking after the benefit programs of each individual employee. 
  • Hiring Skills – They also need to handle several interviews, hiring processes, recruitment, and selection of interns and employees for the organization for which they themselves need to be organized and have a sound knowledge of what they expect out of the employees and interns. They should also have the company’s motto and strategy in mind so that they can recruit people accordingly.
  • Serve As A Consultant – They should look into several human resource issues that come up like sexual harassment and also look into equal employment opportunities for the workforce.
  • Multi-Tasking – HR should know the skills of multitasking. They should be able to juggle all the workload together and handle the personal issues of employees. One needs to know how to handle several grievances together, planning a recruitment strategy, and other work together.
  • Dual Focus – The HR managers need to know how to cater to both the workforce as well as the management of the company. One needs to have a proper sense of fairness and safeguard individuals at times and protect the culture and values of the management of the company in other instances. They should know how to strike a balance between the two.  

Career Options available in Human Resource Management

Students can acquire a fairly decent job at any MNCs, industries, companies, schools, and colleges. The students who are from a business or technical background or have received liberal arts education can easily find a lot of jobs in India.  The staffing needs of an organization and the economic conditions of a country are determinant factors for the demand of human resource managers and labor relation managers. Some job positions that one can get are as follows:

  • HR Generalist/ Manager
  • Non-profit Human Resources Expert
  • Staffing Director
  • International Human Resources Professional
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Compensation Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Employee Education Consultant
  • Employment or Placement Manager
  • Director of HR Training and Development
  • Organizational development and change consultant

Salary of a Human Resource Professional in India

Human Resource Management is a very rewarding and lucrative job. Several factors affecting the salary of the HR professionals or experts are the company’s success, the economic activities, and the profit generated by the company. The experienced HR Manager can earn 10K to 30K a month at the beginner level and if graduated from a renowned B-school can get payed 3lakhs to 5 lakhs annually. The pay package also depends a lot on the qualifications and experience of the individual. At the senior level one can get 60K to 70K per month.

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The business world needs proper functioning and needs to hire employees who’ll help in generating profits for the company as well as helping the company progress. This only possible if the rights and needs of the employees are looked after by the company. HR takes care of this and ensures that the relationship of the employee with the company is a good one. The need for good HRs is ever increasing as every company requires them to handle such tasks. Hence students thinking of pursuing courses that can help them settle their careers in this line can be guaranteed that it is a lucrative job option.

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