Top 10 Self Defense Courses[Online & Offline] in India

Self Defence Courses in India

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Self-defence covers the act of defending oneself, one’s property, or another person from physical damage. In the lives of women, self-defense is very necessary. Self-defence is a skill that any woman should practise on a daily basis or whenever the situation calls for it in order to make her and others’ lives safer.

Self Defence is important because it not only enables children to protect themselves from physical threats, but it also provides them with a variety of advantages in daily life. Hard work, commitment, and perseverance, as well as the importance of preserving personal relationships, are also important qualities and ideals that can be taught.

Self-defense courses are well worth your time and money because they teach you how to identify and escape risky situations as well as how to protect yourself if you are attacked. Some courses are a quick refresher on the fundamentals of self-defense, while others are more in-depth.

Online self-defense courses are recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves against an intruder. If you intend to take a self-defense course in person, an online alternative may be a good way to get a head start on the basics so you’re ready for your in-person class.

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So in this article, we have listed some of the best online & offline Self Defence Courses in India.

List of Best Self Defence Courses in India

1. Udemy – Self Defense Made “Real” Easy

David Alexander developed this self-defense online course, which has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Udemy. It’s a common course because it’s a simple and fast way to learn self-defence. The course programme is beneficial for people who are willing to go to any extent to defend themselves and their families from violent people.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Mode: Online

Who this course is for?

This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves and their families from abuse or fight in the most effective way possible. You do not need to watch this course if you believe that violence will never happen to you or that the police will be there to deter violence rather than investigate your death. Go home, build a moat, and never, ever leave the house.

Course Objectives:

  • You’ll learn how to defend yourself and your family from violent individuals.
  • In less than 4 seconds, you’ll learn how to beat an intruder.
  • You’ll learn how to use arms to beat multiple attackers.
  • You’ll discover how to practise without a partner.

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


2. She Warrior Self Defense: The Complete Beginner Training

Jennifer Cassetta’s online She Warrior Self-Defense Complete Beginner Training curriculum teaches women the fundamentals of self-defense.

You’ll feel trained and motivated to accept your inner strength after mastering the ABC’s of Self-Defense: Awareness, Boundaries, and Communication, as well as all the beginner moves like standing and fighting from the floor.

This course is ideal for someone who wants to get their feet wet in the world of self-defense. It teaches audiences how to protect themselves against attackers by mental and physical preparation.


  • You’re new to self-defense and want to learn the fundamentals in the comfort of home.
  • You’ve always wanted to practise self-defense but were afraid to go to a traditional martial arts school.
  • You couldn’t relate to men who taught women’s self-defense classes.

Duration: 90 minutes

Mode: Online

What You Will Learn: 

  • Fear triggers three physiological responses in us.
  • How to develop deeper awareness
  • How to set clear boundaries
  • How to powerfully communicate those boundaries
  • If at all necessary, how to de-escalate a situation.
  • How to protect yourself by using your body as a shield.
  • How to break free from various grabs, chokes, and holds.


3. ProTrainings – Online Practical Self Defense Course

This is a professional-grade online self-defence certification course that allows students to practise self-defense online while practising moves in real-time. It is a Pro-Trainings course that teaches individuals how to use realistic self-defence techniques.

It is beneficial to improve an individual’s self-confidence because it prepares them to be more prepared in the event of a dangerous situation.

Duration: 1 hour and 8 minutes.

Mode: Online

Course Objectives:

  • It aids in the learning of various self-defence techniques.
  • Step-by-step lessons are used to teach.
  • Teach in a clear and succinct manner.
  • Explains various fighting and escape tactics.

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


4. OSSIM – Self Defense Training

OSSIM is a preferred option for corporate and individual security education and training since it is Asia’s first security education and training institute. OSSIM offers a variety of security courses for both military and civilian employees. The highly qualified security staff are delivered by our highly experienced faculty members. For DGR training programmes, OSSIM is also a preferred choice.

As a result, they provide a realistic approach to the issue by inspiring women/girls as individuals to face the situation by being psychologically and physically strong enough to prevent or overcome any unwanted situation.

Duration: 3 months

Mode: Practical Training (in class)

Course Objectives:

  • Personnel Security.
  • Indicators of Problems.
  • Confronting and Resolving Conflicts.
  • Techniques for Self-Defense.
  • Developing Self-Assuredness.
  • Practical Training.

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


5. SkillShare – Self Defense M.A.A Black Belt Certification

This is a specialised online self defense course that enables students to practice self-defence while on the go. It’s one of the few courses that need no prior knowledge. It covers the fundamentals of Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, two common self-defence techniques and martial art styles. It instructs students on various methods of self-defence for individuals in a variety of situations.

Mode: Online

Duration: 130 hours (Self Paced)

Course Objectives:

  • It aids in the learning of self-defence.
  • Describes how to keep an airline plane secure.
  • Educates students on how to defend themselves from knife attacks.
  • Explains how to defend against gun attacks.
  • Describes the most successful takedowns.
  • Learners are introduced to specific striking locations.

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


6. Self Defense Company – The Self Defense Training System

This is a detailed mixed martial arts course that provides step-by-step guidance and prepares you to fight in any situation.

It focuses on real-life self-defence rather than sports and exercise. When the adrenaline kicks in, the course prepares you to go into battle mode rather than flight mode.

Requirements: There’s no need for a training buddy or expensive gym equipment. This course is all about honing your fundamental skills and abilities.

Duration: 30 days

Mode: Online

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


7. Knockout Fight Club – Self Defense Course

Knockout Fight Club is the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) gym chain in India. Their mission is to empower people. They accomplish this by providing the best Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes available, which uplift their participants in body, mind, and spirit. They’ve got your back whether it’s fitness, self-defence, professional MMA fighting, kickboxing, or something else.

Knockout Self-Defense is the best martial arts class in Delhi, NCR. Self-defence is an important part of our lives these days, particularly for women. Knowing how to defend yourself and your loved ones is more than a skill; it is your job, responsibility, and obligation.

Duration: 3 months

Mode: Online and at the Institute

Course Objectives:

  • It boosts self-assurance.
  • It improves your balance.
  • Self-Defence Training improves your physical fitness.
  • Aids in the development of a fighter’s reflex.

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


8. Udemy – Self Defense Mindset: A Non-Fighter’s Guide to Self Defense

The planet has become a more violent environment. Every time you open a newspaper, turn on the tv or go online, you seem to come across an article about someone being targeted. You’re walking to your car after a long day at work or school, or simply out for an evening stroll on a warm summer’s night, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Would I know what to do if I were attacked; I wonder how I would respond?” Ok, you don’t want to find out whether you’re in a real-life situation and haven’t had any self-defence training.

Duration: On-demand recording of 33 minutes.

Mode: Online

Requirements: Basic knowledge of self-defence and physical combat is advantageous, although it is not a requirement. When registering for this course, keep in mind that you will be taught basic self-defence techniques.

Who this course is for:

This class is for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of self-defence and how to protect themselves effectively and efficiently with minimal physical effort and without a high level of martial arts or warrior skills experience, as well as anyone interested in becoming more mindful of their surroundings and learning confrontational mediation skills.

What you’ll learn:

  • Environmental consciousness and strategic tactical personal space management are fundamental concepts.
  • You’ll learn how to control the strength of your attack and only use as much force as is needed to protect yourself.
  • You’ll discover how to distinguish between a war and a legal self-defence situation.
  • You’ll learn how to debunk self-defence myths and misconceptions.

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.


9. Girls Fight Back – Self Defense Course

Girls Fight Back provides online seminars for individuals or groups of any size that concentrate on the fundamentals of personal safety and self-defence and are taught by women for women.

The curriculum incorporates core principles, fun and encouraging mindset, and the best protection and self-defence approaches available. It was originally tailored for college women.

Participants can learn both verbal and physical skills to make them feel more comfortable dealing with a variety of tense situations and asserting their personal boundaries.

Duration: 75 minutes

Mode: Online

Course Objectives:

  • Using your gut instinct.
  • Knowledge, eye contact, and verbal boundaries are all good safety tips.
  • How to be a true ally and an active bystander.
  • Consent is described in this way.
  • What you should do to help a survivor.
  • How to make the boundaries work for you.
  • Skills in verbal de-escalation.
  • They cover the fundamentals of self-defence (or Terminator Tango).


10. SkillShare – Street Fighting for Self Defense

This course is focused on a broad history of martial arts, including Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, and Kickboxing, and their adaptation to self-defence scenarios. This course will teach you how to apply basic strategies to complicated street situations, allowing you to defend yourself and others.

Duration:  59 min

Mode: Online

What You Will Learn to:

  • Defend yourself from more powerful attackers.
  • Defend yourself from seasoned assailants.
  • Use basic strategies to defend yourself.
  • Use the most effective techniques available.
  • Use techniques from well-known martial arts.
  • Use tactics that will ensure your survival.
  • To boost your reaction time in a street fight, practise different drills.

Complementary Skills:

  • Wellness & Health way of life 
  • Kickboxing is a sport that involves punching and MMA (Martial Arts) 
  • Self-Defence Combat

Certification: You will get a globally recognised certificate after completion of this course.




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