Top 10 Phonics Courses for Teachers in India [Online & Offline]

Phonics Courses for Teachers in India

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Phonics training is a multi-sensory education that aims to teach students about the sounds produced by individual letters or letter classes, as well as how to combine different sounds to form a single word in a language.

The Phonics training gives the trainee instructor a variety of techniques, tricks, and tactics to help the students master it quickly.

Reading, writing, and spelling is difficult for children who have not received enough language instruction. Phonics is a method of teaching children how to translate letters into sounds. This is especially important for children to be able to read unfamiliar words fluently on their own.

In a country like India, a Phonics instructor has a lot of options. For those with a passion for teaching, this is an excellent option that can lead to a long-term career. A teacher never retires and will continue to teach for the rest of their lives!

List of Best Phonics Teacher Training Courses in India [Online & Offline]

1. Phonics Mantra – Jolly Phonics Teacher Training Course

One of the most popular destinations for the Jolly Phonics Teacher Training Course is Phonics Mantra. Ritu Verma, the course’s facilitator, is a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer Global from the United Kingdom. She is one of the outstanding trainers for the Jolly Phonics Teacher Training Course because of her enthusiasm for teachings and love for children. 

Trainer: Ritu Verma

Who Should Attend

  • School Teachers
  • School Principal
  • Mommies
  • Entrepreneurs

Key Takeaways:

  • Handout for Jolly Phonics.
  • There are 42 sound action sheets.
  • 42 sheets of sound descriptions.
  • 42 audio stories
  • Lesson Plans for Teachers
  • Table of contents
  • Sentences dictated according to a gradual succession of sounds and difficult words
  • Art and crafts games
  • Make and take notes
  • The pattern of alternative spellings
  • Important web addresses to bookmark for future use
  • Ritu Verma’s signature on a certificate


  • 7500/- per participant Jolly Phonics
  • 9500/- per participant Jolly Grammar
  • 15500/- per participant Jolly Phonics & Grammar


2. National Academy – Certificate in Jolly Phonics Course

Jolly Phonics Course by National Academy is a multi-sensory, comprehensive synthetic phonics programme that teaches children to read and write words in a fun and engaging way. Rather than learning the alphabet, children learn the English language’s 42 letter sounds. Early learners may use Jolly Phonics to become good readers and authors.

Objectives & Goals of this Course:

  • To become a professional phonics trainer
  • As a pre-primary tutor, to learn a new ability.
  • To gain a better understanding of the child-centred approach to the basis for reading and writing English.

Whom is it for?

The course is highly recommended for practising teachers trainees undergoing ECCEd or D.Ed. and parents.

Duration: 14 hrs

Opportunities for Jobs:

  • You can launch your phonics classes if you want to.
  • You should work as a phonics teacher in a pre-primary school.
  • At Activity Centers, phonics teachers are in high demand.
  • Part-time or full-time work with excellent pay.


3. Safal Teachers Training – Phonics Teacher Training Program

The Phonics Training Course, offered as a certificate course by Safal Teachers Training, provides teachers with the necessary skills and expertise to introduce phonics to children at an early age. Although it is important for children to learn phonics, it is much more important for a teacher to be able to teach children in a fun and enjoyable manner. The Phonics training teaches the trainee instructor different techniques, tricks, and methods to help the students understand it without too much difficulty. Teachers learn how to apply Phonics to students through a variety of phonological exercises to help them improve their literacy skills.

Who Can Participate?

  • Those who want to be a teacher but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Lady Teachers who want to develop their phonics skills.
  • Lady Tutors interested in teaching phonics to children
  • In the pre-primary chapter, a woman entrepreneur.
  • A mother who wants to provide her child with English language skills.

Duration: 10 hrs

Job Prospects/Scope:

  • In either of the colleges, a trained and accredited phonics instructor.
  • An entrepreneur who runs his phonics classes for kids.
  • A remedial teacher in classrooms for children with special needs.
  • A phonics mentor who will educate future students and teachers.
  • A phonics lesson planner.
  • A mother who instils phonics skills in her children.

Overview of the Curriculum:

  • Learning 42 letter sounds of 26 Alphabets
  • Learning letter formation
  • Blending sounds to form words and read them.
  • Identifying letters that correspond to sounds to the words spoken
  • Identifying tricky words
  • Vowels (a, e, I, o, u)


4. Asian College of Teachers – Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics

The Asian College of Teachers’ Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics is a course targeted at primary school teachers, as phonetic knowledge has become an essential part of English language teaching. Teaching pronunciation is a vital aspect of every language learning course, and this course will assist the instructor in identifying the root cause of mispronunciation, such as possible tongue misdirection, and simultaneously correcting it in a student, allowing the process to be completed more quickly and efficiently. The online course on teaching English Phonetics will assist teachers in learning how to improve correct articulation of the English language after overcoming the influence of the mother tongue.


  • Teaching English Phonetics is a modular course that lasts just a few weeks.
  • Applicants must be both aspiring and experienced teachers.

Course Duration:

  • The certificate programme lasts 40 hours.
  • The course will last up to three months.
  • A flexible course that can be completed from anywhere on the planet.


  • On successful completion, a globally recognised certificate is awarded.
  • The term “online” is absent from the certificate.


5. Vidhyanidhi Education Society – Phonics Teacher Training Course

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a Government-Registered Teacher Training Institute that offers a well-paid Phonics Teacher Training Course in Mumbai.

Occupational Purpose:

Each trainee may receive the certification of a qualified phonics instructor upon completion of the programme.

You will be completely trained to work as a phonics teacher or tutor in a variety of childcare settings, including:

  • Preschools are a form of educational institution.
  • Pre-primary and primary divisions of schools
  • Centers for activities
  • Centers for Child Care


6. Abacus & Phonics Teacher Training Course by Whizz Kids

If you enjoy working with children and have a passion for teaching, the ABACUS & PHONICS Teacher Training Course is for you. Enroll in Whizz Kids’ cutting-edge centralised teacher training academy today.

Features and Advantages:

  • Goregaon West and Thane have a centralised teacher training academy.
  • Opportunity to function in one of our 70+ Mumbai locations.
  • After completing the class, you can receive a certificate. 
  • We currently have over 200 teachers employed with us.


There will be four three-hour sessions.

7. London College of Teachers – Teaching Phonetics Course

Teaching Phonetics prepares trainers in the art of pronunciation, as phonetics is the study of speech sounds and the technicalities that go with them. This course prepares candidates to not only teach students proper enunciation but also to improve their pronunciation and enunciation skills.


There are four stages of the programme.


They use the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method at LCT, which encourages students to communicate and practise in the target language.

How does the programme work?

  • To register for the course, please fill out the online application form.
  • Their representative will contact you to explain the course in detail and provide you with a unique username and password.
  • Each module contains a series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) or assignments that must be completed correctly to progress to the next stage.
  • After the diploma programme, you’ll be given an assignment.


  • Each module contains multiple-choice questions that must be answered.
  • The MCQ test response key will be emailed to you so that you can review and correct it.
  • You’ll need to develop assignments, lesson plans, or case studies for an advanced level course.
  • Their teachers will review your projects, lesson plans, and case studies and assign you a grade based on your performance.

Duration: 60 hrs


8. Education International Foundation – Jolly Phonics Teacher Training Course

The Jolly Phonics training programme by Education International Foundation will provide an integrated approach to teaching English to children using a validated, evidence-based curriculum that will provide a solid foundation for reading and writing English.

Course Modules:

  • Examine the various types of literacy instruction that have been used over the years.
  • Learn everything there is to know about the Jolly Phonics software.
  • Learn how to teach Jolly Phonics in the classroom.
  • Learn how to spot a struggling child and how to assist them.
  • Examine the results of recent research studies in the area of literacy.


9. ABC Learners – Jolly Phonics Teacher Training

ABC Learners provides the certificate programme in Jolly Phonics Teacher Training, which is comparable in quality and content to our other programmes. If you enroll in their Certificate Programme in Jolly Phonics Teacher Training,’ you will get a taste of what ABC Learners is all about.

As a language learning approach, Jolly Phonics makes language learning fun and enjoyable. Since Jolly Phonics is critical for the development of children’s reading and writing skills, every pre-primary and primary teacher should be well-versed in the programme.

Who Can Participate?

  • Teachers, especially English and class teachers.
  • Principals, owners, educators, and administrators of schools.
  • Parents.
  • Other personnel who supervise or work with children in kindergarten through primary school.
  • Collegians.
  • Professionals in their forties and fifties looking for a new job.


If you have a basic understanding of the English language, you are qualified to enrol in The Certificate Programme in Jolly PhonicsTeacher Training.

Duration: 5 days

Mode: Online

Discounted Fees: Need to Contact them for fees

Benefits of Participating in this Program:

  • Learn on your own.
  • Develop your ability to read and write independently.
  • Develop a story-ideas-generating mind.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Correctly pronounce sentences.
  • Boost your vocal and social confidence.
  • Trainees will begin their  Jolly Phonics for Kids classes.
  • They can also begin other language and development programmes for children under the age of seven.


10. Future Learn – Teaching Phonics in Early Childhood

Do you want to promote a young child’s literacy growth as a parent, guardian, or educator? This two-week course from QUT will share research-based knowledge and skills about early childhood code-based literacy.

Play-based pedagogies are an integral part of your child’s learning to speak, read, and write since they specifically teach the connection between letters and sounds.

Phonics teaches children how to differentiate words in the English language by listening to, identifying, and using various sounds.

Who Can Participate?

This is an introductory course for parents, educators, and staff in early childhood education and care (ECEC), centre administrators, early primary school teachers, and education leaders who help children prepare for school.

Duration: 2 weeks

Mode: Online (Learn at your own pace)

Who Developed This Course?

Queensland University of Technology

What Will You Achieve?

  • You will be able to do the following by the end of the course:
  • Describe phonics, phonemic knowledge, and phonological awareness, as well as other code-related literacy.
  • Determine the best approach to teaching code-related literacy in early childhood settings.
  • Explain why it’s necessary to teach and learn code-related literacy.

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