Top 10 Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses in India

Best Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses
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A pre-primary teacher training course can be extremely beneficial in preparing prospective Montessori teachers to handle children and teach in the classroom. It is a comprehensive course for aspiring primary school and secondary school teachers. It prepares teachers in teaching methodologies so that they can assist students in reaching their full potential.

With the growth rate for teachers reaching as high as 16 percent, research shows that well-trained teachers interested in a career in pre-and primary education would have plenty of opportunities. 

List of Best Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses in India

1. Asian College of Teachers – Certificate in Pre Primary Teacher Training Course

The Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course offered by the Asian College of Teachers ensures high-quality teacher training by equipping aspirants with 21st-century teaching techniques and methodologies for today’s pre and primary learners, allowing them to extend their skills and aid in their growth and development.


  • The course will take 60 hours to complete.
  • The course will last up to four months.


  • The minimum prerequisite for applying is a high school diploma plus two years of experience in a related field.
  • Application is open to both aspiring and experienced teachers.


  • After successful completion, a globally recognized certificate is issued.
  • The words “online” and “distance” are absent from the certificates.

2. National Institute of Early Child Care & Education – Primary Teacher Training Course

The NIECCE’s Diploma in Elementary Education course (Dl.El.Ed.) is a full-fledged program that provides aspiring teachers and in-service teachers with the most up-to-date tools and strategies in current teaching methodologies, assisting teachers in delivering successful knowledge transfer and thereby enhancing the standard of their instruction. This course is for both potential and practicing teachers who want to earn a Certificate in Diploma in Elementary Education, also known as Primary Teachers Training. This course provides candidates with the necessary framework to begin their careers as primary school teachers.


  • This course is open to both aspiring and experienced in-service teachers.
  • This course has a minimum qualification of 10+2 or NTT. Candidates with a course from NIECE or any other recognized college, as well as those with a bachelor’s degree or higher, are eligible to apply.

Career Opportunities:

Diploma in Elementary Education or Primary Teacher Training Course offers various job opportunities to candidates in schools like 

  • Pre-Primary Class Teachers
  • Primary Class Teachers
  • Primary Section Curriculum and Activity Developer 
  • Trainer for fresher or assistant teachers
  • Department Coordinators
  • Apart from these roles in schools, the candidates get to work as consultants to schools or start their schools. 

All these roles can be attained along with the experience and caliber of the candidates. The salary range in metros may start from 12000/- p.m. up to 60,000/- p.m. as of 2018.

Modes of Certification:

  • Daily or correspondence courses are available.
  • Candidates selected for correspondence must complete all duties, tasks, attend practical classes, meet internship requirements, and write the exam in one of the standard examination centers assigned at the time of the examination.

3. Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre – Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course

In the year 2014, the Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre Council of Education and Training (JNNYCCET), which was established in 1992 as a Technical wing dealing with Training and Education, was granted autonomy. Since its inception, JNNYCCET has collaborated with a variety of government and non-government organizations in many states across India and has been recognized by both state and national governments.

Courses Duration Qualification
Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher Training 6 Months 10th Standard
Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training 12 Months 10th Standard
Masters Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training 24 Months 12th Standard

4. International Diploma in Pre Primary Teachers Training Course

The Pre and Primary Teachers Training is a comprehensive program that teaches the systems, strategies, and processes needed to teach children in primary, pre-primary, Montessori, and nursery schools. Since they offer both online and distance learning options, candidates can take the course from anywhere in the world without thinking about time constraints. Candidates can choose between the two learning methods. The course places a strong focus on “Child Psychology,” which a teacher must understand to effectively educate children. As a result, the Primary & Pre-Primary Teachers preparation is a comprehensive program that prepares students to become flexible educators.


10+2 or a higher secondary school diploma is needed as a minimum qualification.

Courses Duration: 240 hrs

Modes of Learning:

  • The Institute of International Teachers Training provides candidates with a variety of learning options so that they can complete their courses without difficulty. 
  • There are three key modes in which they deliver the courses. The three modes are online, distance, and classroom.

5. Aspiring Professionals Teachers Training Institute – Pre Primary Teacher Training Course

APTTI’s Pre-Primary Teacher Training program is a rigorous training program for nursery and primary school teachers. It is designed for teachers who work with children aged 2 to 12. This online course for teachers was developed by academicians with years of experience in this area, and it incorporates all international theories and methodologies. Pre-Kindergarten teachers are in high demand all over the world, and this international course assists teachers in learning and developing their skills as well as understanding new methodologies and concepts.


  • Certificates and diplomas require a Class 10 pass.
  • Graduation for a Post-Graduate Diploma

Duration: 120 hrs

Learning Outcomes:

  • Candidates who complete the Pre & Primary Teachers Training course will receive a globally recognized credential that will enable them to teach anywhere in the world.
  • Both new skills and methodologies will be taught to teachers.
  • The curriculum emphasizes classroom management and student participation.
  • Lesson planning, evaluation, and implementation in pre-primary and primary classrooms.

6. IGNOU – Post Graduate Diploma in Pre Primary Education

The Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Education (PGDPPED) is a comprehensive curriculum for teachers studying to teach in pre-primary settings. The program was created to meet the ever-increasing demand for skilled workers.

Objectives include:

  • Preschool teachers’ professional competencies should be strengthened by systematizing their experiences.
  • To encourage pre-school teachers to plan meaningful learning activities for their students.


Any discipline will lead to a degree.

Duration: 1 year

Medium: English

Specialization: Education before primary schools

7. APTTI – Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course

Pre-primary education is the foundation for every child’s education and determines their first steps in life. As a result, the teachers who are in charge of educating the tiny tots must be capable of getting the best out of them while still making learning time enjoyable. Teaching pre-primary pupils, regardless of educational context, necessitates acute skills and methodologies for proper control of the busy minds.

Who should do the course?

  • For freshmen from any educational context, the online Pre-Primary Teacher Training is ideal. 
  • It will assist experienced teachers in applying for a better position with a higher pay increase. 
  • Anyone interested in working in an international school somewhere in the world should take the course.
  • The course includes an APTTI international credential that is recognized by some international organizations. 
  • Candidates will also be provided with comprehensive work placement assistance around the world.

Requirements: 10th Grade and up

Duration: 120 hrs

8. Diploma in Pre-Primary Teachers’ Training Course – National Academy

The program’s goal is to familiarise trainee teachers with the behaviors, abilities, experiences, and strategies required to work with pre-school children.

Requirements: 10th grade and up

Duration: 1 year

Career Opportunities:

  • Many of their graduates have found fulfilling careers as early childhood educators, management roles, and consultants in well-known pre-schools and daycare centers.
  • Over the years, the placement record has been impressive.
  • Many of their students are running their preschools and nurseries with great success.

9. London College of Teachers – Pre and Primary Teachers Training course

Pre and Primary Teachers Training Programme is an all-inclusive course for pre-school and primary school teachers offered by London College of Teachers, a leading institution. This online course, developed by seasoned academicians and offering a perfect mix of foreign theories and the latest methodologies, would be the right option for you if you want to teach children aged 2 to 12. Certified Pre-Primary Teachers are in high demand these days, and schools all over the world are looking for them. After completing the course, you would be eligible to teach in any institution from Nursery to Class Five.


  • Certificate Program in Pre-Primary Teacher Education – Class 10
  • Diploma Program in Pre-Primary Teacher Education – Class 10 
  • PG Diploma Program in Pre-Primary Teacher Education – Graduate

Duration: 120 hrs

Learning Outcomes:

  • After completing the course, you will receive a globally recognized credential that will enable you to teach anywhere in the world.
  • You will have the ability to learn about the most up-to-date learning skills and methodologies.
  • You’ll also know how to run a class and the students in it.
  • Developing, testing, and implementing pre-primary and primary school lessons


10. Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – Certificate Level

The APTTI Pre & Primary Teacher Training course is designed for preschool and primary school teachers who are interested in global exposure and demanding teaching situations. This course provides teachers with new options for teaching students aged 2 to 12 years. This online course is for teachers, and it was designed with foreign philosophies and methodologies in mind, as well as tutors from various backgrounds and experiences. Certified Pre and Primary Teachers are well trained to work in a global setting. You must build and hone modern methodologies and principles in your classroom as a teacher who has completed the Pre & Primary Teacher Training course.

Requirements: Class 10th

Duration: 120 hrs


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