Top 10 International Teacher Training Courses in India

International Teaching Courses in India
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International Teaching Course is for teachers all over the world who want to promote global citizenship in their students and help them achieve Sustainable Development goals.

This course teaches you how to design classrooms that are focused on children. You get the idea of defining the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The programme covers everything from classroom organisation to health and safety procedures in the classroom. To provide practical experience, the courses provide research-based projects. The courses come with a credential that is globally recognised.

List of Best International Teaching Courses in India

1. Institute of International Teachers Training – International Diploma in Pre Primary Teachers Training Course

Pre and primary school teachers are in high demand all over the world. You would be able to work as an instructor anywhere in the world if you enroll in this international training course.

This Pre and Primary Teachers Training is a comprehensive programme that teaches the systems, strategies, and processes needed to teach children in primary, pre-primary, Montessori, and nursery schools. Candidates can take the course from anywhere in the world with no time limits because it is available in both online and distance learning formats.

Candidates who complete this course will be eligible to teach children in every formal school from the Montessori, Kindergarten, and Nursery levels to the fifth grade, or an age range of zero to twelve years.

Eligibility: 10+2 or a higher secondary school degree is needed as a minimum qualification.


  • The course lasts 240 hours and is spread out over 12 months (1 Year).
  •  You may also choose to finish the course in a shorter amount of time.

Mode:  There is an online, in-class, and distance learning option available.

Course Objective:

  • It prepares teachers to teach at all levels, including pre-school, elementary, and primary.
  • The teaching covers all subjects at the pre-primary and primary levels, with children ranging in age from two to twelve years old.
  • The emphasis of the course is on child and adolescent psychology.



2. Asian College of Teachers – International Teaching Diploma

International Teaching Diploma (ITD) in Kolkata is an in-class Teacher’s Training Diploma programme designed by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) for all teaching enthusiasts seeking an international in-class teacher training course that will enable them to work in Primary, Montessori, and Nursery schools all over the world.

This course focuses on instilling in aspirants the most up-to-date teaching skills and expertise that are learner-centric and embraced in today’s global classrooms of Young Learners. In a fun-filled classroom, the teachers would be able to offer the best of modern foreign teaching. Additionally, aspirants can select from three different learning modes: full-time, part-time, and weekend special, which are available to both new and on-the-job instructors.


  • The minimum entry criteria are 10+2.
  • Applicants must be both aspiring and experienced teachers.


  • The course is 140 hours long (120 hours plus 20 hours of teaching practice).
  • There are also 3-month and 12-month courses available.
  • Candidates are required to participate in a mandatory 20-hour teaching practicum.

Mode: Online

Course Objectives:

  • The course is appropriate for both potential and practising teachers.
  • Attend sessions from wherever it is most convenient for you.
  • Live online classes that are both cost-effective and productive.
  • Look for job openings all over the world.
  • Virtually collaborative events between coaches and peers.
  • Kg to Primary School students receive comprehensive training.
  • Skills in Montessori, Nursery, and Primary Education.


  • Candidates who complete the webinar session successfully will earn a dual certification from the Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and Training Qualifications UK (TQUK).
  • The dual certificates are internationally recognised and will give one’s CV and teaching career a boost. The credential also improves one’s marketability and job prospects.


3. Podar International School – Post Graduate Certificate in International Teacher Education (PGCITE)

Podar’s Teacher Training Department provides a variety of courses for teachers, those aspiring to be teachers, and those interested in becoming teachers.

Podar International School found a gap in the market for preparing teachers to teach in international schools and developed the PGCITE course. Since the course began in January 2016, more than 200 teachers have graduated and are employed in some of the world’s best colleges.


  • Teaching experience is not needed for graduates.
  • Graduate/postgraduates from any sector

Duration: 8 months

Mode:  There are both online and classroom modes available.

Course Objectives:

  • Podar International School is a leader in the field of international education, with years of experience and a thorough understanding of international curriculum specifications.
  • So who better than Podar to launch this course and provide Indian graduates and postgraduates with the opportunity to take it and teach in international schools?
  • This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding and training in all facets of teaching in international schools.
  • In each of the Podar International Schools, you will have the opportunity to do your Practice Teaching, Observations, and Internship.
  • You will be introduced to the most cutting-edge teaching methodologies and techniques.



4. Future Learn – Global Education for Teachers

This course will help you gain trust and the ability to incorporate global problems into your classroom. You’ll receive Continuing Professional Development Training on how to solve global issues in your classroom and promote global citizenship in your school.

This course is based on UN Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, which mandates that countries develop global citizenship for all learners by 2030.

The aim of this course is to provide an online CPD resource for teachers all over the world. It gives an overview of global education as well as relevant topics like global learning and global citizenship education.


  • This course is for teachers all over the world who want to promote global citizenship in their students and help them achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4.7.
  • Teachers in international schools and IB schools, as well as teachers in government schools who are interested in global learning and global citizenship education, fall into this category.

Duration: 3 weeks (3 hours of weekly study)

Mode: Online

Course Objectives:

  • An overview of main principles and ideas in global education, as well as related terms;
  • Examining the implications of global education for teachers and teaching;
  • Identifying core components of a global education strategy;
  • Investigating pedagogical and instructional methods;
  • Providing teachers with realistic ideas and support for incorporating global education into their classrooms (including lesson planning, guides, resources, and further readings).

Certification: You will receive a globally recognized certificate after completing this course.


5. TISB Training Academy – Postgraduate Certificate Education (International) (PGCEi)

TISB Training Academy (TTA) has successfully launched ‘Teacher Training Programmes’ in collaboration with the NPS group of schools to assist teachers in improving their skills in order to resolve the challenges that face education today in a rapidly evolving socioeconomic context and a globally competitive climate.

The course begins with a face-to-face orientation, followed by online learning and expert tutoring.

The Postgraduate Certificate Education (International) (PGCEi) program’s overall goal is to improve practice by developing new ideas and techniques that are then validated in your own classrooms.


  • Candidates for the PGCEi should usually have a first degree with at least second class honors (or equivalent) or a professional qualification considered to be equivalent to a second class honors degree.
  • Be a seasoned educator with daily access to a computer and the internet, as well as a classroom environment.

Duration: 11 months (approx.)

Mode: Online

Course Objectives: 

The aim of the programme is to enhance teaching by:

  • Assisting you in gaining a global perspective on your own educational environment.
  • Allowing you to become familiar with the basic assumptions, concepts, and principles of a variety of learning theories, as well as test their applicability in particular educational situations.
  • Fostering a better understanding of a variety of teaching methods.
  • Expertise in practitioner research is being developed.
  • Using technical and academic literature appropriately.


6. ABEA Mumbai – Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education

The aim of this yearlong online Post Graduate Diploma in Global Education programme, which they offer in collaboration with B.K. Birla College (Autonomous), is to give educators the opportunity to advance their skills, expertise, and practice in international education through a blended learning curriculum that combines rigorous and contemporary academic research with school-based application of learning.

This program’s curriculum is divided into eight 12-hour modules, each designed and delivered by world-renowned faculty. There will be online sessions that are both synchronous and asynchronous. Internship programme in reputable schools around the country (three times a week).

Eligibility: Graduate in any sector.

Duration: One Year

Mode: Online

Fees: INR 75,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

Course Objectives:

  • Teacher Professional Development and Sustainability
  • Teaching in a Global Environment
  • Understanding the concept of school-based learning.
  • Recognize how to adapt new knowledge and skills to clinical practice.
  • Be able to apply what they’ve learned in modules 1–8 to a school-based project.


7. Indus Training and Research Institute – Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), UK, offers the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL), a specialist teacher certification programme recognized in 140 countries worldwide. The Diploma is intended to assist teachers in improving the standard of their teaching and learning by assisting them in developing their professional thought and practice. Teachers will be able to grasp the concepts of learning and teaching and apply them to their own practise as part of the Diploma. To educate and improve their professional thinking, they will critically engage with educational theory and research facts.

Eligibility: A graduate degree from a reputable university is required. The Diploma is designed for working teachers who work full-time or part-time in educational institutions, training agencies, and businesses.

Duration: Part-time for 1.5 years (Three Phases including 20 Saturday workshops, practice teaching and three reflective research assignments)


8. International Teaching Diploma (ITD)

The International Teaching Diploma (ITD) is a Teacher’s Training Diploma programme that takes place in a classroom environment.

This is a three-week diploma programme that provides you with the necessary skills and techniques for teaching students at the primary level. The course is designed to give you the experience and knowledge you need to become a sought-after instructor in the global teaching arena.

This specialized course instills student-centered instructional practices and activities in pre-and primary classrooms around the world.

Duration: 140 hrs (3 weeks)

Mode: In Class


  • The minimum entry criteria is 10+2.
  • Applicants must be both aspiring and experienced teachers.


  • ACT will issue you a nationally recognized credential that has been endorsed by Training Qualifications in the United Kingdom.
  • TQUK will also provide you with a separate certificate.


9. APTTI – International Teacher Training course in Diploma and PG Diploma

The International Teacher Training course offered by the AP Teacher Training Institute is designed to meet all of the needs of enthusiastic and skilled educators. The personalised curriculum allows participants to expand their understanding of Montessori and Pre-primary teaching methodologies. This course covers Montessori and Pre-primary teaching methods and is available at the Diploma and PG Diploma levels. This course teaches you how to design classrooms that are focused on children. You get the idea of defining the child’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Graduate of a high school for the diploma program
  • Graduate for a Post-Graduate Diploma level


  • For Diploma – 240 hrs (12 months)
  • For PG Diploma – 360 hrs (18 months)

Course Objectives:

  • The course is a hybrid of Montessori and Pre-primary teacher preparation.
  • The course provides an internationally recognized credential.
  • A Notarized Certificate from Canada is included with the PG Diploma Course.
  • International academicians produced the course materials.
  • Practical tasks are included in the course.
  • A research-based module is presented to the candidates.
  • The course covers lesson planning, thematic planning, and Montessori teaching aids implementation.
  • There is also an administrative component to the course.
  • Candidates have access to a mentor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The certificates are recognized all over the world.


10. London College of Teachers – Classroom training in International Teaching Diploma

A three-week intensive curriculum that focuses extensively on new teaching methodologies and theories. Candidates who want to participate in this hands-on training programme will gain experience with Montessori equipment, project-based approaches, thematic planning, and ICT (technological apparatus). The course is made up of six different courses: Montessori Teacher Training (MTT), Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), Pre-Primary Teacher Training (PPTT), Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Special Education Teacher Training (SETT), and Child Psychology, all of which have been specially designed by their senior educators to provide you with the best training possible to become a well-rounded teacher.

Eligibility: 10th grade with a Diploma or 10+2

Duration: 3 weeks / 150 hours


  • Internationally recognised academic bodies recognize and verify certificates.
  • The certificates are sent out shortly after the course is completed.
  • The applicants would earn their certificates within 30-90 days of the dispatch date.
  • The certificate is sent to India for free.

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