Online Arabic Classes For Kids in India

Online Arabic Classes for Kids

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Foreign language study can provide unique chances for personal and professional development, so picking the proper one to devote your time to — to acquire and enhance both written and conversational skills — is a critical decision for ambitious language students. Arabic is a fascinating, complicated language with a rich history and gorgeous script that is well worth studying!

If you are fluent in Arabic or have excellent reading, writing, and conversational skills, you will be in high demand for the vast number of professions and opportunities available around the world for which Arabic is a need. Arabic is the predominant language of business and commerce in numerous countries. Including Arabic as one of your abilities on your CV could help your application stand out.

Do you also want your kids to learn Arabic at an earlier that will help them to advance mentally, intellectually as well as spiritually? Here are some of the best online courses that your child can take: 😃👉

List Of Online Arabic Courses For Kids:

1. Lebanese Arabic – Course 1 | Beginners: Kids & Adults By Udemy:

This training will teach kids how to speak Lebanese Arabic in no time.

The dialect of Arabic spoken in Lebanon is similar to that spoken in Syria, Jordan, and Palestine, but differs slightly from that spoken in Egypt. The courses are fun and exciting, combining new knowledge with games and tricks to encourage the mind to acquire and consume information more easily and quickly.

The teachings are broken down into small structures, themes, phrases, and words and are arranged into effective portions. This will assist novices in learning to speak a language from the ground up, assuming no prior experience. This lesson will help you memorise words and build meaningful sentences.

Duration: 1.5 hours

2. Read Arabic and Quran perfectly in less than 5 hours By Udemy:

This course will teach you how to read Arabic or the Quran without having any prior understanding of the language. The course is well-presented to assist you in learning. Whether you’re a beginner or a slow reader of Arabic, this course is for you. In just three hours, you may begin reading Arabic or the Quran, whether you are a child or an adult. You can begin this course once you have reached the age of four.

Duration: 2 hours

3. Learn Arabic By ReDefiners:

ReDefiners is a non-profit organisation that takes pride in being a pioneer in Hillsborough County’s early language education programming.

With their language courses for learners of all ages, you can learn Arabic online, at your own speed, from the comfort of your own home. They also provide a placement test to determine your level and place you in the appropriate class.

Learn the Arabic Alphabet, as well as how to read and write in the language. They employ a robust and trustworthy strategy at ReDefiners to help you learn quickly and develop fluency. They provide simple activities for practising popular daily phrases as well as all necessary vocabulary. Additionally, you practise conversation in order to improve your pronunciation and listening skills. 

4. ARABIC FOR KIDS By ArabAcademy:

Arab Academy is a privately held company whose mission is to encourage academic excellence via the use of technology. It also wants to use its expertise in technology and education to promote the Arabic language and culture

Their programme is a terrific approach for students in kindergarten to fifth grade to learn Arabic online. It is based on a collection of short stories. Young students begin by learning the alphabet, then progress to studying Arabic through settings that are appropriate for their age group. This is accomplished by providing kids with engaging stories and puzzles centred on vital topics such as jobs, colours, numbers, food, outings, and members.

5. ARABIC FOR KIDS – FULL TRACK By Studio Arabiya:

The Arabic for Kids Full Track course covers all areas of the Arabic language while making learning enjoyable and entertaining for youngsters. They will learn to write, read, and understand the Arabic language in this course. They created a one-of-a-kind teaching system that makes learning a new language enjoyable, simple, and thrilling. 

Their distinguished experts at Studio Arabiya have prepared online Arabic language courses just for youngsters that will help them master the Arabic language (fus’ha) on all levels: speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. You don’t have to be concerned about your child’s present level of Arabic language understanding because our courses are appropriate for all levels.

 Length: Approx. 25 hrs/level


Arabic Reading for Kids is a thorough course that covers all aspects of Arabic letters and their articulation while keeping learning interesting and entertaining for youngsters. They will learn to read and understand Arabic characters as well as how to pronounce them correctly in this course.

This custom curriculum, authored and built by Studio Arabiya’s Educational Team, is a comprehensive textbook for learning Arabic letters and how to read them, no matter where they appear inside an Arabic word. Your youngster should be able to read Arabic fluently and easily from the Quran by the end of the course.

Length: Approx. 45 hrs/level

7. Arabic Classes for Children By Alif Institute:

The Alif Institute is the Southeast’s sole non-profit, non-religious, and non-political Arab-American cultural centre. Their objective is to promote Arab culture education and admiration. Their Arabic programmes teach you not just about Arabic literary accomplishments, grammar, and how to pass a test in a classroom setting, but also, and perhaps more importantly, how to communicate with a varied range of Arabic-speakers and Arab-Americans in everyday situations.

Children’s Arabic classes include both classical and spoken Arabic. With a culturally supportive environment and the utilisation of current technology in the classroom, Alif’s highly educated educators offer a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

The students perform a special programme called Haflatuna () at the end of each semester to honour their hard work and achievements. Sketches, songs, dances, and poems performed in Arabic are featured in these presentations.


The Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic Studies in Rabat, Morocco, has established a reputation for brilliance and expertise in Arabic language instruction. They are now one of the largest and most reputable centres in North Africa dedicated to Arabic language learning and cultural immersion programmes. 

More than 1200 students and professionals from all over the world visit Qalam each year to not only study Arabic in its year-round programme but also to participate in immersion and service activities that introduce them to Arab and Moroccan culture.

They aim to give children a unique Arabic education based on the most up-to-date international standards and best practices in learning and teaching the language through a cutting-edge curriculum. 

This programme uses an integrated and diverse strategy to target kids and increase their attention and focus by using stories, music, conversations, games, and constantly engaging them to participate in activities both inside and outside the classroom. Qalam teachers go beyond standard classical teaching methods to provide students with a complete Arabic education by fostering students’ imagination and creativity and widening their perceptions.

9. Arabic and Quran Individual Courses for Children! By Al Kunuz:

Children’s Arabic and Quran classes are taught by Ijaza-certified teachers (authorization to teach). They are also professionally trained to teach youngsters, allowing them to adapt to the unique characteristics and learning needs of each child. You will choose the teacher (man or woman) to learn Arabic and the Quran for Children. 

Except for youngsters under the age of 12, sessions are not mixed) as well as a schedule that will fit with your daily routine. They may offer your child the opportunity to enrol in one of their Arabic classes for children and learn the Quran up to six times each week, depending on availability.

10. Arabic Online Kids By AlMadina:

This curriculum, which is designed for youngsters aged six to sixteen, provides a stimulating interactive language experience with some of the generation’s best Arabic teachers.

Arabic Online focuses on teaching the fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced levels of the Arabic language. The programme focuses on language understanding, speaking, reading, and writing by combining classical and modern Arabic language training. The terminology utilised in this programme has been particularly crafted to enhance pupils in their capacity to access the Quran and Hadith as they grow intellectually.

11. Arabic Language Courses By Firdaws Academy: 

The tutors have prior teaching experience in the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies. They’ve also created a fantastic teaching system that motivates young children and makes it fun for them to Learn Quran Online With Expert Tutors in the privacy of their own homes. 

The mission of Firdaws Academy is to provide effective learning opportunities via the devotion and collaboration of our highly qualified Egyptian Azhary professors. As a result, you can learn Quran Online in a digital environment that is interactive.

This course is for people who enjoy learning Arabic online and speaking the language. You are no longer need to leave your home. You can begin your online Arabic learning experience by selecting one of our four Arabic courses.

Their children’s course is an excellent approach for children to learn Arabic online. Young students begin by learning the Arabic alphabet and then practise speaking Arabic in contexts that are appropriate for their age group. They create stories and riddles based on important topics such as occupations, colours, numbers, food, and so on.

12. Arabic Courses By Madinah Arabic:

They are a free, specialised online resource for any students interested in learning Arabic from all over the world. They strive to assist you in making your Arabic learning experience as simple and fun as possible. They do offer a one-on-one service through our online Arabic Tuition Centre, where you or your children can take private Arabic lessons from highly certified native Arabic tutors, male or female.

They provide free courses that can assist you in learning Arabic if you are a novice. You can use the classes listed below to learn how to speak Arabic, read it, memorise basic terminology, and much more. You can also learn how to deal with frequent scenarios in Arabic by watching Arabic videos. You can use our Arabic vocabulary area to expand your Arabic vocabulary and learn how to write Arabic.

13. Mastering the Arabic Alphabet, Part 1 By Gooroo:

“Mastering the Arabic Alphabet” is a six-part video series. This is the first course in the series. The first group of letters you’ll learn are the Arabic short vowels, and we’ll finish with a number of reading activities.

You will be able to read basic Arabic scripts after completing this course, and you will discover that learning the Arabic alphabet is both simple and enjoyable. If you find this course fascinating, you can also take the remaining five parts.

Duration: 1h 1m

14. Learn Arabic For Kids By Dinolingo:

Dinolingo is a website and app for kids that provides 30,000 language-learning activities in 50 languages. It is appropriate for youngsters aged 2 to 12 years old.

Dinolingo’s website and mobile apps provide monthly and annual online subscriptions. Families from the United States make up the majority of the subscribers. More than 100 schools use Dinolingo.

In this course, children will begin learning Arabic as soon as they begin watching animated cartoons, surprises, and repeats in Arabic classes. This course also includes Arabic activities for kids, such as memory matching, click and tell, the word wheel game, and quizzes.

After each Arabic lesson, the activities are strategically positioned to track the child’s growth in Arabic. Experts frequently advocate online Arabic games for teaching the Arabic language, and many additional elements are available to help children learn the language with enthusiasm.

15. Arabic Courses By Arabic Language Centre:

This course recognises that enrolling your child in an Arabic language lesson is a significant decision. The teachers are completely qualified to teach children in a fun style that complements the school curriculum while also assisting in the learning process. 2 hours of reading, writing, and basic grammar are followed by 1 hour of interactive conversation and role-plays on Saturdays.

They include games, music, and other activities that are relevant to the student’s day-to-day activities.

16. Arabic For Kids By Al-Andalus Academy:

The Al-Andalus Academy is a school dedicated to the study of Arabic and the Quran. It is one of Egypt’s most recognised online Arabic and Quran academies for non-native speakers from all around the world. This course engages students, keeps them engaged, and guarantees that they learn the language while having a good time. 

This course will take your youngster on an Arabic language trip that he or she will enjoy. Young students begin by learning the alphabet, then progress to studying Arabic through settings that are appropriate for their age group. They create a personalised Arabic study plan for children, with Arabic courses tailored to the learning style and speed of each child. This course is for ages 7 to 15 years.

17. Arabic at our Children’s Hands Series By Arabic For All:

The most recent series focuses on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. It is made up of an elite group of specialised academicians for students aged 5 to 18. There are 12 student books with audio resources and 12 teacher books in this set. It is designed for all educational institutions to teach it. As a methodology, it uses Classical Arabic.

The following characteristics define the Series: – 

  • It allows for the integration of language, communication, and cultural skills.
  • It uses the most up-to-date foreign language education techniques.
  • It uses unique functional graphics to create suspense for students.
  • It qualifies students for Arabic university studies.

18. Arabic for Kids Course By Alif Arabic:

This Arabic language course teaches you how to speak Arabic, write Arabic, talk Arabic, and understand Arabic.

This is your child’s first step toward learning Arabic. The Arabic course includes live sessions to help you use your Arabic vocabulary in a variety of situations, as well as Arabic grammatical courses to help you speak Arabic more easily and fluently. You can expect to begin speaking and comprehending Arabic with your online Arabic tutor within the first week! 

The learner will be able to: 

  • Read Arabic fluently at the end of this course
  • Learn to speak Arabic quickly and fluently.
  • Complete command of the Arabic language and the ability to converse at any level.

19. English to Arabic: Part 1: Greetings By Gooroo:

You will learn new words from English to Arabic that you may use in basic welcomes and how to answer greetings. There will be time for some practice and a quiz near the end! You will be able to utilise simple Arabic greetings in discussions after completing this course. You can take the other parts of this course too if you like this course.

Duration: 47m

20. Learn to Read and Write Arabic for Beginners by Skillshare:

This is a delightfully refreshing Arabic reading course that leads learners with no prior understanding of the language on a path to native-like reading fluency.

What you’ll discover:

  • Learn to recognise, read, and pronounce the Arabic language fluently.
  • Learn how to recognise the Arabic letters in their many forms.
  • Read Arabic literature in its natural connected form fluently.
  • They should practise writing in Arabic.
  • They should work on their Arabic listening skills.
  • As a natural result of the learning process, you will learn the definitions of numerous common words.
  • Learn how to memorise and remember letters in a unique way.
  • To be able to study Arabic grammar effectively, you must be in a solid position.

Duration: 5h 20m

21. Learn Greetings & the Common Phrases in Arabic By Skillshare:

The tutor has included the most widely used greeting words and normal life events in daily living in the Arab world in this session, which will assist you in that sector.

Duration: 44m

Conclusion: We hope you liked our article about the best Arabic Courses For Kids. We hope you will take the help of this article to make your children advance in their life from an earlier age. Thank you for reading! 🤗🌈


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