Sree Sankaracharya University Unveils Plans for Innovative Online Learning Centre in Kerala

Sree Sankaracharya University Unveils Plans for Innovative Online Learning Centre in Kerala

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Embracing the future of education, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit (SSUS) has announced plans to establish a cutting-edge Centre for Online Courses at its primary campus in the near future.

Envisioning a diverse learning experience, the centre aims to provide online courses in approximately 30 subjects. With an investment of Rs 90 lakh, the project has been incorporated into the university’s budget for the upcoming financial year.

The ambitious initiative was unveiled during a syndicate meeting held on Saturday, where the budget presentation took place.

At present, SSUS offers a popular online certificate course in Mohiniyattam. The forthcoming online courses will cover a wide range of topics, including Vedic literature, Natya Shastra, yoga philosophy, sociology of language, music and musicology, Nyaya and Indian legal system, Indian logic, philosophy of science, techno philosophy, Sanskrit for Ayurveda students, Adwaitha Vedanta, medical social work, communicative Sanskrit, Sanskrit and computational linguistics, Vastuvidya, ancient Indian scriptures, and fundamental principles of Vedanta, among others.

In addition to the online learning centre, the syndicate has approved plans for a new sports hostel on the main campus, allocating Rs 8 crore for the project. This modern facility will accommodate up to 100 students and include a dedicated venue for art events.

Other proposed projects include the SSUS Digital Humanities Project (Rs 75 lakh), Centre of Academic Writing (Rs 60 lakh), SSUS Repository of Intangible Heritage (Rs 25 lakh), and Centre for New Artistic Endeavours and Productions (Rs 20 lakh).

To further enhance the digital learning experience, around Rs 80 lakh has been earmarked for upgrading IT-based infrastructure and bolstering online connectivity across the university’s campuses.



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