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Msc IT course Details
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A Post-graduation course like MSc IT(Master of Science in Information Technology) is only for the geeks or the more Tech Savvy students of the lot. In this course Students get well acquainted with solving IT problems at their workplace, using Object Oriented Programming and use of such algorithms, data management, tree traversal algorithms, depth and breadth-first-search and many other such fields that use latest technology and algorithms to work. They have a good command over IT functions, software research and development, networking, and information management. 

This being a professional degree, the students are usually well adept at deciphering Technical issues at the workplace, and companies, nowadays, that are looking to expand are always looking into opportunities where they can hire more IT personnel to grow digitally. 

Given below are MSc IT Course Details to help you make a better decision for yourself-

What Is The Eligibility for MSc IT Course?

The basic criteria for the one who want to take admission in MSc IT are:

  • BSc Graduates in Physics, Statistics, Computer science, and Information Technology would be immediately eligible for application into MSc IT if they have 45% aggregate marks from a proper university.
  • Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Engineering students are also eligible to apply.
  • There are Entrance examinations in a few colleges that require the knowledge of the following subjects from the students-
    • Mathematics
    • Complete and proper comprehension of the English Language
    • Programming in C
    • Logical reasoning and Quants
  • Students that are really keen to do MSc IT must have the following skills to cope up with the vast syllabus of MSc IT-
    • Using Technology to solve real-time problems
    • Analytical Skills
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Have Networking Knowledge

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What Is The Fee Structure Of the MSc IT Course? 

Being a two-year course, some colleges charge really low fees for MSc IT candidates and there are ones that charge double or triple the same money. There are colleges that have set their average fees as 4000 INR and there are some that have their average fee structure at 56000 INR.

There are obviously a lot of variants in the list with a few ranging from 7000 INR, 12000 INR, and 23000 INR. Going upwards there are colleges with their average fees ranging from 36000 INR, 48000 INR, and 56000 INR on an average. But the fees totally depends on the quality of education they are getting and also on the type of college(government or private)

What Is The Syllabus For MSc IT?

The syllabus of MSc IT, as being a post-graduation course has detailed in-depth concepts about various subjects that have been proven to be vital for an MSc IT student-

  • Semester 1: Core concepts are revised in the first semester as the subjects include 
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Technological Concepts that include basic IT solutions and Coding
    • Database administration and management
    • Networking and Operating System Development.
  • Semester 2: Students have two sets of subjects that are compulsory and the others that can be chosen for specialization. 
    • Among the courses to choose from for there are-
    • .NET framework 
    • Java programming
    • Networking fundamentals
    • Multimedia solutions
    • The compulsory subjects are –
    • Linux Programming and Networking
    • Geographical Information Systems that include map analysis, data display, and GPS
    • E. Governance services and Laws
  • Semester 3: It includes group papers for the specializations chosen in semester two and other compulsory papers like-
    • Online Analytical Transaction Process, Data mining, and warehousing.
    • Software Engineering and Object-Oriented Analysis
    • Wireless Telecom Networks in Mobile Computing
  • Semester 4: Based on the groups chosen earlier, students are sent off into Industrial and Corporate Environments to gain experience and do their project work.

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Some of the Best Colleges For MSc IT

MSc IT is one of the better courses in Post graduation and adds professional value to the CV. There are many colleges that offer this course. Some of them are-

  • AVVM Sri Pushpam College in Thanjavur
  • SIES College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mumbai
  • M.O.P Vaishnav College in Chennai
  • SS Jain Subodh PG College in Jaipur
  • Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mumbai
  • Baraktullah University in Bhopal
  • North Maharashtra University in Jalgaon
  • Stella Maris College in Chennai

There are Few Entrance Examinations for MSc IT-

  • IIT Joint Admission Test for Indian Institutes Of Technology
  • IPU CET or Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Entrance Exam
  • IIST for Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
  • IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University Entrance Exam
  • DUET or Delhi University Entrance Test

What Are The Career Options For MSc IT Candidates?

MSc IT is a course that holds the utmost prestige for students that have passed with flying colors. The career opportunities are endless. In the coming years, organizations will have taken to recruiting students of MSc IT as technical support is of immediate importance. Data processing and management is an additional skill that MSc IT incorporates in its students which boosts employability.

MSc IT pass-outs can opt for the following jobs after completing their education:

  • Software Developer – Developing software over time to keep it updated with current trends and norms.
  • Maintenance and Testing Engineer – Maintenance of running applications and software so as to maintain reliability and reduce bugs.
  • Application Programmer – Programming of data into applications through effective coding and technical knowhow 
  • Technical Analyst – Setting up operations in order to solve technical situations effectively
  • Computer Network Engineer – Planning and organizing network routing systems

An MSc IT pass out would not have issues in finding employment but here are the companies that generally offer jobs-

  • HCL
  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • IBM
  • Concentrix

Positions in these firms generally start from 2.5 LPA to 4 LPA depending on the merit and job description of the candidate.

Data management and Technical Knowhow are two skills that go hand in hand. This course provides a complete understanding of Information Technology and helps accentuate data mining in up and coming firms. 


Thus this was all about the MSc IT Course details that would probably be a good guide to selecting your future endeavors. If you have any queries with respect to this article kindly comment below.

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