Top 10 Best IB ACIO Coaching [Online + Offline] Institutes in India

IB ACIO Coaching

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The position of IB ACIO is one of the most coveted in the country and provides a high level of job satisfaction. Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer is a post in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the applicants chosen will be the intelligence bureau’s eyes and hands, as the name suggests. According to the MHA’s IB ACIO recruitment notification 2020, there are 2000 qualified candidates who would be deployed across the country. 

Investigating frauds, corruption, irregularities, and the causes of such difficulties may be part of an IB ACIO’s job description. Collect highly sensitive information about cases involving MHA. Investigations, travel to locations, and working under top intelligence officers and task forces in the department take up a lot of time.

An ACIO-II is the department’s backbone; he or she works on the ground, gathers intelligence, and reports to higher authorities. When compared to uniformed police forces, he is on level with the Inspector. It’s listed as a Group-C job, but it’s actually a Group-B position. However, due to a few technological concerns that you will learn about when you join the bureau, it is always notified as Group C. 

This is an all-India job with the possibility of being placed anywhere in the country. You may be assigned to any of the border areas, Naxal-infested areas, communally sensitive locations, or even a nice metro station. Once you’ve completed your course, everything is up to you.


Why pursue IB ACIO ?


From all perspectives, the job of IB ACIO is fascinating. The nature of the position is determined by whether the ACIO is assigned to a state or national level. ACIOs must collect bulk intelligence and coordinate with their higher officials at the national level, while maintaining a significant number of field units at the state level. He or she will also be a member of the State Special Bureau (SSB) and will report directly to the Central Intelligence Officer, who is the Governor of State’s primary intelligence advisor.

When it comes to the question, “Is IB ACIO worth pursuing?” The answer varies from candidate to candidate. This is the greatest career for a candidate who wants to serve the country and enjoys an adventurous job. The ACIO is required to work in a non-public capacity. and the officer must make sacrifices in his or her personal and family life.

So, are you prepared to pursue an IB ACIO preparation course in India ? If yes, then scroll down to a list of the top 10 IB ACIO [online + offline] coaching institutes and choose the one that best suits you😃✨…. 


List of Best IB ACIO Coaching Institutes in India :

1. GradeUp Coaching

Adda247’s IB ACIO online tutoring is an endeavour by adda247 to provide you with all of the necessary study materials for the IB ACIO exam. You will find the greatest IB ACIO books, IB ACIO video lectures, and IB ACIO mock test with IB ACIO online coaching. They hope to relieve you of the stress of looking for separate study materials and keep you focused on your IB ACIO preparation. Adda247 is noted for its student-centered instruction, user-friendly study materials, and expert-guided learning approaches. They have a lot of experience teaching IB ACIO students, so we can provide you with the best IB ACIO study materials and IB online coaching.

The course offered is yet to be notified by the institute for future commencement.

2.  Oliveboard Coaching

Oliveboard was formed in August 2012 by two ex-Inmobi employees, Abhishek Patil and Satish Kumar. Oliveboard’s adaptive platform offers comprehensive test preparation, including Mock Tests, Sectional Tests, Adaptive Tests, Group Study Games, Conceptual Videos, and Lessons, all on a single intelligence platform that provides focused advice on weak areas. Thousands of questions written by top students and prominent professors from all around the country. Intelligent platform that continuously gives remedial material on weak regions, allowing students to improve faster and study cycles can be cut in half.

The complete video course offered is yet to be notified by the institute for future commencement.

3. StudyIQ Education

Study IQ Education is a Pvt Ltd education company dedicated to providing online education to students who are interested in or have already taken an Indian government jobs exam in English or Hindi through pre-recorded videos, so that the student can learn and achieve his or her dream government job by studying smart and from the comfort of his or her own home. They are a devoted team with the goal of providing the greatest and most effective study tutorials/video lessons without the usage of an internet connection from any portion of India’s state districts. Their goal is to provide every student with a comprehensive education and study materials for the exam that he or she is taking or planning to take.

Features of the course:

  • Videos
  • Quiz 
  • Lecture Notes

4. Utkarsh Coaching

Students may acquire all of the necessary study materials and resources to prepare for the exam from the convenience of their own homes with Utkarsh’s IB ACIO Grade-II Online programme. Their course gives students thorough support and enables them to achieve their goals of passing the IB ACIO Grade-II exam. Their IB ACIO Grade-II Online Course will provide you with an overview of the entire exam curriculum, as well as the best e-books, e-notes, video and audio lectures, model test papers, and other resources for a 360-degree exam preparation.

Features of the course:

  • Video and Audio lectures
  • E-notes and PDFs
  • Tests and Quizzes

5. Testbook Coaching

The Intelligence Bureau’s ACIO Live Coaching Batch 2 is available to help you pass the coveted Intelligence Bureau ACIO Exam (IB). Enroll in IB ACIO online tutoring Batch 2 to benefit from the best and most unique online preparation guide available. With the IB ACIO live course, you’ll have access to online lectures taught by experts who have aced numerous government exams. You’ll be able to track your progress with quizzes, practise sets, mock examinations, and question banks in addition to regular online classes. Use the unique doubt lessons to clarify your concepts and have a deeper knowledge of the subjects.

6. Unacademy Coaching

Unacademy is a Bangalore-based educational technology startup in India. Gaurav Munjal started the company as a YouTube channel in 2010, and it was founded in 2015 by Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh. The organisation employs over 18,000 educators and provides study materials for a variety of professional and educational admission tests. 

Unacademy lessons are available in the form of Live Classes, which are both free and available on a subscription basis. Unacademy was registered as an education firm in Bengaluru in 2015. Unacademy is a privately held firm that has raised money through a series of offers. Unacademy was valued at US$2.0 billion in December 2020.

The course offered is yet to be notified by the institute for future commencement.

7. GradeUp Coaching

Gradeup (Grade Stack Learning Pvt. Ltd.) is India’s most popular test preparation site, with millions of students flocking to it. We assist more than 1.1 crore registered students in actively preparing for various exams and improving their scores through their website and app. Gradeup is a Times Internet company that was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating and nurturing extremely engaging exam-specific communities of students and mentors for SSC, Banking, Railways, Teaching, UPSC, Defense, and State level exams. Through quizzes and mock tests, the Gradeup community allows users to collaboratively solve each other’s doubts, as well as learn and compete with one another.

8. SSCtube Coaching

SSCtube’s mission is to deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective learning environment for students preparing for competitive exams. Education is not a means of preparing for life; it is life itself. Users can learn on this platform by attending live online classes at their learning centres or at home. They can also apply what they’ve learned by taking curated tests created by the greatest professors. They currently serve SSC, Railway, and Banking students.

Features of the course:

  • 20 Hours Special Workshop for IB ACIO Descriptive Exam
  • Precis Writing 
  • Strategic Essay Writing 
  • Reading Comprehension 

9. Avision Coaching

With locations all over India, Avision Institute is one of the most reputable training centres for government and non-government job examination preparation. Because of its experienced and knowledgeable staff members, as well as a really original collection of teaching methods, Avision Institute has been able to give students the type of career and professional stability they require. Banking SBI/ PO Clerk, IBPS PO/ Clerk, WBCS, SSC CGL, Railway, NET, SET, C-TET, and other governmental employment exams have online training available.

The course offered is yet to be notified by the institute for future commencement.


10. RICE Institute

RICE is a methodical, planned, and disciplined organisation with 36 years of expertise in assisting aspirants in achieving their professional goals in government job preparation and competitive tests. RICE Education has left a history of training and delivering over 1,50,000 successful students who are now employed in various central and state government posts.

RICE Education is the realisation of a long-held ideal, founded on the promise of offering high-quality training and education to young bright-eyed hopefuls for government employment. The goal was to achieve a compromise between the conventional education system’s academic orientation and the needs of industry.

The course offered is yet to be notified by the institute for future commencement.



The above is a list of some of the best IB ACIO [online + offline]  coaching institutes in India. We hope that we provided the best information regarding your query and helped you to pursue your interest.🌈😊

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