Top 10 Hydroponic Courses in India [Online & Offline]

Hydroponics Courses in India [Online & Offline]
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Hydroponics is a form of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture that involves using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent to grow plants without soil.

A hydroponic plant’s growth rate is 30-50 percent higher than soil-grown plants. Nutrients are more readily accessible for the plant to consume in hydroponics. Light, heat, nutrients, hydration, pests, and all other aspects of the growing process can be controlled by the grower.

Hydroponically cultivated plants have stunted root structures. Plants that are grown in soil have extensive root systems. Chemical fertilizers are used to support the growth of hydroponically grown plants. As a result, the little root surface area that does remain is essentially bombarded with nutrients.

Plant growth is faster than with traditional methods, and the plants can be harvested in a shorter amount of time. With this soilless farming approach, the soil-borne disease is greatly avoided, and you receive healthy and nutritious crop products.

List of Best Hydroponic Courses [Online & Offline] in India

1. Advanced Training on Commercial Hydroponics Farming from Brio Hydroponics

The noble cause of supporting all of Brio’s profitable hydroponics farming systems’ advantages. At Brio Hydroponics, they create structures that provide all Indian people with a right: the right to have year-round access to highly nutritious, 100% residual-free food.

Their teams are inspired to build the next generation of Indian agripreneurs by a strong dedication to combining efficiency in optimal land, water, and electricity utilisation. The Agripreneurs who take the initiative to support sustainable agricultural methods are helping to shape the legacy.

Duration: 4 hours

Mode: Online / Live on Zoom App

Course Fee: INR 1499/-


2. Coursera – Home Grown Hydroponics (Biosphere 2 Science for the Future of Our Planet)

In this course, you’ll learn from a team of Biosphere 2 and University of Arizona researchers about cutting-edge science. This course covers everything from plants and soils to oceans and rainforests, the Moon, Mars, and more. It’s a fantastic chance for anyone interested in science and environmental stewardship. Learn how a unique research station in the Arizona desert is used to examine broad issues like how Earth systems interact, climate change’s consequences, and what the future holds. Travel thousands of years back in time using information stored in ancient trees, and into a future when people have evolved into Martians.

Collect and analyse your own scientific data, debate significant problems with participants from all over the world, and learn new things about our fascinating planet.

Duration: 29 hours

Mode: Online


Kevin E. Bonine


After you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate.


3. Hydroponics Course from Rocket Skills

Dr Praveen Singh brings over two decades of experience in hydroponics and urban gardening to the table. He holds a PhD in agronomy and is currently the Head of Hydroponics at DABUR, a well-known company. He formerly held prominent roles with several well-known national and international companies, including TATA Chemicals and the DS Group.

Along with Rocket Skills, Dr Praveen Singh is on a mission to teach prospective Indian Agripreneurs about the modern style of agriculture, specifically the science and business of hydroponics, to realise the Make in India ideal.

Duration: Self Paced Course

Mode: Online / Live on Zoom

Instructor: Dr Praveen Singh

Course Fee: INR 3499/-


After course completion, a  globally recognised certificate will be provided.


4. Udemy – Introduction to Hydroponics Gardening

Learn the fundamental principles, techniques, and tools needed to set up a fully functional hydroponics system and start growing your food.

Learn the foundations of hydroponics and learn about the incredible ways that have revolutionised farming. This course is a simple introduction to hydroponics for individuals who have never done it before.

This course is jam-packed with useful information, tactics, rules, and pointers to get you started with hydroponic gardening. Build a fully functional hydroponic system, grow plants and maintain equipment, and cultivate your own fresh and healthy food using what you’ve learned.

Who this course is for:

  • This course has no specified prerequisites for enrollment.
  • This training is open to anybody and everyone.
  • All you need is a desire to learn, literacy, and to be at least 16 years old.


3 hours of video on demand

Mode: Online

What you’ll learn:

  • Develop the skills and information necessary to work as a hydroponics producer or gardener.
  • Learn how to grow hundreds of plants profitably and gain the ability and knowledge to do so.
  • Improve your knowledge of how different growth systems are used, as well as soil fertility, irrigation, and other related issues.
  • Understand how a sustainable system for growing plants works, as well as how to calculate the right nutrients and water level.
  • Learn how to set up and maintain basic hydroponic equipment for salad crop production.

Instructor: Alpha Academy


You will receive your certificate after completion of this course.


5. Exploratory Course on Hydroponics from School Of Hydroponics

IHT School of Hydroponics offers capacity-building training in a variety of horticultural technologies, including hydroponics, as well as a variety of certificate courses. Its state-of-the-art facility includes advanced labs, sports facilities, conference rooms, smart classrooms, a hostel, and more. The programme is open to progressive growers, entrepreneurs, and students interested in agribusiness.

This introductory course will help you grasp the benefits, importance, and numerous options available in hydroponics. You can join them and become a part of the amazing Hydroponics universe.


Hydroponic classes are for novices who want to learn about diverse hydroponic systems, growing media, hydroponic tools, crop production, and the potential for a career in this industry.

Duration: 3 Days

Mode: In Class

Course Fee: INR 30,000/-


6. Hydroponics and Aquaponics Training from Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies (CRAFT)

At CRAFT, they value both creativity and experience, and they strive to create effective and easy-to-maintain hydroponics and aquaponics systems. Hence, whether it’s a Kitchen Garden or Commercial Hydroponics/Aquaponics, their team tries to make the idea as simple as possible for even a layman to grasp so that he can become self-sufficient over time.

This course will teach you about modern technology and how it can be used to grow plants, with a focus on hydroponics and aquaponics. You’ll be able to start your own business with the skills you’ll learn throughout the course.


  • If you want new herbs, vegetables, and fruits from your own commercial hub and kitchen garden
  • You also want to rekindle your passion for farming.

Duration: 1 Day

Mode: Online / Offline

Course Objective:

  • They provide the PPT’s.
  • For the handholding, they will link all of the attendees to their Whatsapp groups.
  • They’ve introduced trainees, vendors, and consultants to the various groups.
  • All questions on the groups are answered by other members and them, and they provide full support.


7. Advanced Hydroponics and Aquaponics Training from Hydrilla

For more than two years, Hydrilla has assisted gardeners and farmers through training programmes. To keep going in this direction, they’ve decided to take their classes online.

This advanced Hydroponics and Aquaponics session will be a mix of live classroom and farm views.

The course lasts two days and includes follow-up support and instruction before you can do practical hands-on. 

Duration: 2 days

Mode: Offline

Course Objective:

  • 2 days of intensive instruction ranging from beginner to advanced.
  • The course is taught in English, and only a basic understanding of the language is needed.
  • During the course, training materials will be given.

participants will receive a course completion certificate.


8. Advanced Hydroponics Farming Course from Belesiri

Guruprasad Kurtkoti, also known as “Guru,” is a dedicated farmer, coach, and author. It was not easy to quit a well-paid career in the United States. The drastic move, on the other hand, was to realise his dream of paying it forward! Belesiri was created by Guru and his wife Asha to educate people about scientific farming techniques such as hydroponics (aka Soil-less farming).

In this course, you will get expert advice and assistance on how to grow with hydroponic farming techniques. They aim to assist small and medium-scale farmers in finding the right market and efficiently selling their produce.

Duration: 5 Days

Mode: Online / Offline

Course Fee: INR 7999/-

Course Benefits:

  • Interactive sessions on the farm that are both hands-on and online.
  • After the session, proper hand-holding is needed.
  • Free membership in the VIP Facebook club.
  • HyFAI farms have been associated with you for a lifetime.


9. Udemy – How to set up a Hydroponic Garden

This course is packed with useful information, tactics, rules, and pointers to get you started with hydroponics gardening. Apply what you’ve learned to real-world problems like designing a fully functional hydroponic system, growing plants and maintaining equipment, and cultivating your own fresh and nutritious food.

In a well-managed hydroponics system, water is used 90% more efficiently, productivity increases 3-10 times in the same amount of area, and many crops can be produced twice as fast.


There is no need for prior experience, all that is required is an interest in gardening.

Duration: 1-hour on-demand video

Mode: Online

What you’ll learn:

You’ll learn how to put up a hydroponic garden using hydroponic principles.

Instructor: Giorgio Ferrari


You will receive your certificate after completion of this course.


10. SkillShare – Build Your Own Home Hydroponic Farm

A step-by-step guide to building a hydroponic rail system for growing fruit in your home or greenhouse. This course will go over what hydroponics is, what supplies are needed, how to build and connect the rail system, how to set up a growing area, and how to manage nutrients and planting. People like things to be easy, so they make the design and method as simple as possible for anyone wishing to generate a consistent supply of vegetables.

This course will teach you how to build and set up a home hydroponic system that will allow you to grow to produce in your own home or greenhouse.

Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes

Mode: Online

Instructor: Caleb Johnson


You will receive a globally recognized certificate after completion of the course.


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