Which Courses after 12th Science PCB has Highest Salary?

High Salary Career Options After 12th Science PCB
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Students are often confused as to what they want to do after class 12 PCB(Physics, Chemistry, Biology). It becomes absolutely necessary to have a narrowed down point of view so that the focus becomes more on a particular career option that they wish to take up. Those contemplating their career choices after class 12 with PCB combination, these are a few options that are highly rewarding career options. 

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List of High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCB in India

1. Horticulturist

Horticulture is the cultivation of different types of plants for food, material, medical and decoration purposes. It includes growing of garden crops, ornamental plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

What is the work of the Horticulturist?

Horticulturists work include using their acquired knowledge to help in the cultivation and production of the plants. They look into the improvement of plant growth, the nutritional value of the plants, how to better the quality of the garden crops and plants, how to protect them from pests and other diseases, and the like. They also look into a very big aspect of Environment Stress where the plants are grown can add not only to the food and material output but also to lessen the stress on the environment. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12. 
  • One needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture to start one’s career in this field. Some of the renowned exams are:
    • Horticulture Common Entrance Test (HORTICET)
    • Vellanikara College of Horticulture Entrance Exam
    • Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Entrance Exam
    • One can go for a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture or Bachelor of Technology in Horticulture depending on their choice. 
  • After completing one’s undergraduate course one can pursue their post-graduate in this field. A candidate requires a minimum of 60% in their undergraduate level to apply for Post-graduate Master’s degree.
  • For Doctoral Courses (Ph.D.) one needs to have a Master’s degree in the field. Several colleges conduct their own entrance exams for these courses.


The salary of a beginner in this field is 2 lakhs per annum. A person with good educational qualifications and skills can have a salary of more than 28 lakhs per annum. The scope of Horticulture is growing in India and has become a need of the hour; hence the salary is bound to increase. 

2. Dermatologist

Skin extends all over our body, from the scalp till our finger toes- every bit of our body is covered by the skin. And the branch of medicine that deals with all the diseases related to the skin, be it the skin of the scalp, hair, the nails or other cosmetic problems all fall under Dermatology. 

What is the work of the Dermatologists?

This field is so vast that the work of dermatologists can vary a lot. Some dermatologists might look into skin diseases and treating conditions of the skin like melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma while others look into the cosmetic problems like the hair, mole and nail disorders, skin infections, acne, hand dermatitis, eczema and the like. They also look into cosmetic procedures to perform minor cosmetic help like liposuction and face lifting. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12. 
  • One needs to get admission in a college pursuing the MBBS course. They need to sit for the entrance exams of the institutions they want to be a part of. To get admission in top most colleges of India like AIIMS, GMCH, AFMC Pune, etc one needs to appear for the Entrance exams conducted by these specific institutions. 
  • After completing MBBS, one needs to do MD in Dermatology which is a 2-year Master’s course.
  • After completing MD and securing the requisite registration from the Medical Council of India, one can start their career in this field of Dermatology. 


The starting salary of any Dermatologist is 6 lakhs per annum which keeps increasing with time. The scope is ever-widening as everyone is very concerned about their skin and appearance. Hence a dermatologist is bound to have a very high salary with time. 

3. Podiatrist 

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that looks into the diagnosis and treatment of the disorders of the lower extremes of our body like the foot or the ankle. 

What is the work of Podiatrists?

They look into all the problems affecting the feet and the lower legs. Be it injuries or some complications that arise in that particular area, or other problems arising out of some health issues, all are taken care of by Podiatrists. Fractures, sprains, nail disorders, bunions and hammertoes, arthritis, diabetes causing damage to feet, Morton’s neuroma, and other pains are a few conditions that podiatrists take care of.

Eligibility Criteria  

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12. 
  • One needs to get a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine after which one needs to apply for the post-graduation course specializing in Podiatry which has a duration of 4 years. After completion of this degree one gets awarded the title of Doctor of Podiatrist Medicine (DPM). 
  • One can do higher studies in this field as well and go ahead with podiatric medicine and surgery residency (PMSR). one can go further in the field of podiatry like podiatry wound care or diabetic foot care, etc.


The starting salary is 8 lakhs per annum as a beginner. With experience and time, the salary keeps increasing. As several people face a lot of problems with their lower legs, are diabetic or have arthritis, podiatry as a branch of medicine is becoming increasingly important. Hence the scope is really great in India.

4. Cardiologist 

The branch of medicine dealing with the disorders and problems of the heart and some parts of the circulatory system of the body is called cardiology. 

What is the work of the cardiologists?

Cardiologists look into the heart diseases and problems and hence look into the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the diseases affecting the heart, the arteries, and the veins. They treat conditions like congenital heart defects, heart injuries, coronary artery diseases, electrophysiology, heart attack, and the like. They also make the patients aware of how their health can affect their heart like obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, and the like. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12. 
  • One needs to do an MBBS for 5 and a half years form any medical college by appearing for their entrance exams and getting admission in any medical college. 
  • After completing MBBS one needs to pursue their Master’s course, which has a time duration of over 3 years (MD).
  • After completing MD, it needs to be followed by Doctor of Medicine (DM) for another 3 years after which one becomes a Cardiologist.


The starting salary is 20 to 40 lakhs per annum and once a person gains experience, their salary keeps on increasing. There has been an increase in the heart patients in India over the few years which has shot up the demand for cardiologists. Hence this field of medicine requires a lot of specialization but is one of the most rewarding career options of a PCB student.

5. Psychologist

Psychology is one stream that has emerged greatly in today’s time. It gains much more important as mental health is being given more and more importance. People are trying to break the stigma towards several mental illnesses and are striving forward towards proper mental wellbeing making psychologists really important presently. 

What is the work of the psychologists?

The psychologists are different from the psychiatrists. The two broad types of psychologists are the Counselling Psychologists and the Clinical Psychologists. Counseling psychologists deal with moderate cases of emotional and mental state of patients through behavior interaction while the clinical psychologists can take up the more severe cases. No psychologist can prescribe medicines to their patients like the psychiatrists. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • One can have a Science background with Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12. 
  • After this one can either pursue their Bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) in Psychology.
  • One can do their post-graduation or Master’s degree in Psychology after which they can become a practicing counseling psychologist.
  • If they wish to do further studies, they can go up to the doctoral level (Ph.D.) to become a clinical psychologist.


A psychologist can earn more than 12lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum easily in India. With greater importance being laid on mental health, the salary of the psychologists will be on a rise as more and more people will want to avail their services to take care of their mental wellbeing. 

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6. Psychiatrist 

Psychiatry is the field of medicine that is devoted to the proper diagnosis, prevention, and also treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatry is wider in all aspects than psychology and medical intervention is also possible. 

What is the work of the psychiatrists? 

A psychiatrist is a doctor plus physician specializing in the arena of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the mental and emotional illnesses and disorders. They assess both the physical as well as emotional aspects of the psychological problem of the person.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12.
  • One needs to pursue do their Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (MBBS) for 5 and a half years.
  • After this they can do their maters program (MD) in Psychiatry.
  • This will be followed by the doctoral course of their choice like Ph.D. in Psychiatric Social Work, Ph.D. in Psychiatric Nursing, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Psychiatric Social work, and the like.


Any psychiatrist practicing in India can easily start with 12 to 15 lakhs per annum. With more experience and time, they are bound to earn much more than that.

7. Forensic Scientist

This is an interesting field of science that deals with the use of scientific applications to aid the investigation of crimes. This requires proper data analysis along with the acquisition for the study of crime science, investigation along with criminal identification.

What do forensic scientists do?

A forensic scientist helps in the investigation of the crime by collecting and analyzing the physical evidence present in the crime spot. Their scientific knowledge can make any investigation get evidence and lead that agents couldn’t have done by themselves. They work at unusual hours and might even travel to crime scenes that fall within their jurisdiction. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12.
  • One needs to pursue their Bachelors’s degree in Forensic Science (B.Sc. in Forensic Science). 
  • If one wants to do a post-graduation course with a Masters’s degree then they should pass their bachelor with first division in subjects like physics, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, zoology, botany, applied science, and B. Pharma. 


In India, the forensic scientist’s initial salary is 8 to 10 lakhs per annum. With more experience one can easily earn more with time.

8. Veterinarian 

This is one of the most suitable jobs for all the animal lovers out there. There are so many people keeping pets, that this job is always on demand. NGOs looking into animal safety, their rescue, and their health also require to meet veterinary doctors.

What is the work of the Veterinary doctor?

They are the animal doctors who look into the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of several ailments and diseases of the animals. They treat sick animals as well as those that are injured. Veterinary medicine covers both wild and domesticated animals.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12.
  • One needs to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary science like B.V.Sc. and Animal Husbandry, B.V.Sc. in Animal Genetics and Breeding, B.V.Sc. in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, B.V.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine, Health and Hygiene.
  • One can pursue a Master’s degree after completing their bachelor course. Some of the Master’s degree courses available in India are Masters of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.), M.V.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine, M.V.Sc. in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, M.V.Sc. in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.
  • One can pursue their doctoral course after their masters and can choose from the following courses: Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, Ph.D. in Veterinary Pathology, Ph.D. in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.


The starting salary of a Veterinary Doctor is 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum. One can earn more and more with time and experience. 

9. Pharmacist 

There are several medicines being discovered every day and the uses are varied. Some have different after-effects and others can act as substitutes of different medicine. The knowledge of medicines has to be updated with the discovery of the medicines. The importance of Pharmacists lies here. 

What is the work of the Pharmacists?

They dispense and manage medicines and make their customers aware of the right use of the medicine along with the side effects. They also take care that the medicine prescribed to the customer or patient does not have other effects on the medicine the customer is already taking. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12.
  • One should either do a Diploma course in Pharmacy (D. Pharma.) or a Bachelor’s degree course (B. Pharma.)  
  • After completing the degree courses, one requires to do an internship of 6 months before setting their foot in their career.


The starting of this career can be a bit difficult but with time one can easily earn around Rs.70,000 per month which keeps on increasing with experience. The starting income is estimated to be withing 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum which is bound to increase with time. 

10. Dentist 

All of us face problems with our teeth at least once in a lifetime. Despite enamel being the strongest part of our body, and teeth being a very minute part of ourselves a small inconvenience in that area causes us to cry in pain. 

What is the work of dentists? 

Dentists look into preventions and treatments of all problems related to the teeth, gums, oral cavity, and other health problems related to the mouth. They look into the repair of an infected tooth, removing the cavities, filling the cavities, and making several models of dental appliances. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12.
  • They need to appear for the NEET-UG examination and clear it in order to get admission in the dental courses available.
  • One can pursue a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) for their Bachelor’s degree. 
  • After the Bachelor’s degree one can get admission in a dental school. After which they can also get a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine and Dental Surgery. 
  • Some dental specializations require the candidates to complete the residency as well.


The starting salary of dentists ranges from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. With more experience and skill one can easily earn a lot more at the advanced level. Dentists are always on demand both in India and foreign countries and hence, Dentists can earn a lot through their profession.

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11. Medical Technologist 

Before a doctor starts with the treatment procedure, he/she needs to know the complete status of their body. Several tests are done in order to secure the data the doctor requires like the blood test. The different bunch of tests and analysis needed by doctors are looked into by the medical technologists. 

What is the work of the medical technologist?

The medical technologists are specialists and perform all the different tests on patients by collecting samples from patients like blood, urine, etc, and generating the necessary reports out of it. This helps the doctor to start the treatment procedure with full conviction. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • One needs to have a Science background and should mandatorily have Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in class 11 and class 12.
  • One needs to pursue their Bachelors’s degree in Medical Technology (B.Sc. in M.I.T. or B.M.L.T.) after clearing the entrance exam like AUCET, CUCET, GPAT, NEST, etc.
  • One can also do their post-graduation and get their Master’s degree in Medical Lab Technology if they like.


The salary depends on one’s merit and skill in the initial stage. They can earn 30,000 per month or even 3 lakhs depending on their merit. They charge according to the type of tests and the importance of the tests and hence has a pretty decent earning. They can earn 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs easily at the initial stage and earn more and more later with experience. A lab technologist will always earn more than a lab technician. 


These are a few of the many courses that one can consider if they had Science with PCB in class 12. These are not only high paying salary but the demand for these careers is so much that the salary keeps on increasing with time and is never stagnant at any moment. Hence, those who want to look into different career options after class 12th with PCB combination these career choices should help you.

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