Best Computer Courses For Kids in India

Computer Courses For Kids

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Technology has taken over the globe, and many activities in which people participate now require the use of technology. Many things have become simpler and easier as a result of technological advancements. Around you, whether at home or at work, you’ll notice that a large number of the items you use have a technical component. The computer is one of the most important and popular technical equipment nowadays.

Computers assist youngsters in a variety of ways. They can boost motivation and self-esteem, assist with technical abilities, assist with the completion of more difficult jobs, and many other benefits. Children who have been exposed to computers at a young age always have an advantage over individuals who have been exposed to computers later in life. They are challenged to be creative and behave in accordance with what they have learned in computer lessons through the use of kids programmes.

Do you want your children to learn computers from the best courses? Here is a list of some of the best courses: 🤓🌟

List Of Best Computer Courses For Kids in India:

1. Computer Science For Kids By Udemy:

This course is for children who wish to learn the essentials of computers, games, websites, and the internet in a simple language. Kids will learn concepts such as the internet, programming languages, compilers, databases, and how to design a simple website using HTML and CSS in an easy-to-understand language.

This course is given by a 5th-grade student who enjoys learning about the inner workings of computers. Everything he says in lectures is stuff he discovered on his own through online research and learning.

By the end of the course, you should be able to grasp how a website works from beginning to end, from the browser to the server to the databases.

What you’ll discover:

  • Learn the fundamentals of computer science.
  • Create a straightforward website.
  • Learn how to use databases.

Duration: 41 mins

2. ESL: Computer Vocabulary By Gooroo:

What do we call these keys and symbols in English? If you know computer terminology in your native language, what do we name them in English? Learn the English terms for symbols like @ and #, as well as the basics of the keyboard. This course is for Grade 6-12.

Duration: 33m

3. Professional Tips for Adobe Indesign By Gooroo:

Because this is an advanced course for Adobe InDesign, it is strongly advised that you do the beginner courses first. After you’ve acquired the basic information and tools, this course will teach you some professional skills. These pointers can help you clear up a lot of the frequent misunderstandings that newbies have and help you create more quickly. This course is for Grade 7-12.

Duration: 34m

4. Game Development: My First Phaser Game By Gooroo:

Everyone enjoys playing video games, but have you ever thought about how to make your own? Do you want to learn how to create a video game from the ground up? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this lesson, you will create a game in which the player receives points for colliding with a little gem. To do so, you’ll utilise the javascript game framework, which is incredibly popular and simple to use. It’s possible to have a lot of fun while developing a game. This course is for Grade 7-12.

Duration: 31m

5. Adobe Lightroom: The Basics By Gooroo:

Editing is when you can really let your creativity shine! Looking back on your work after you’ve taken an image can be a lot of fun and satisfying. You’ll go through the fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom in this course. Breaking down each tool in Lightroom will simplify what appears to be a complicated product.

This course will teach you how to organise, edit, and export your photos, even if you don’t use Lightroom. One of the best features of Lightroom is its ability to keep even the most disorganised individuals organised. Having software that can do this frees up your time to concentrate on honing your creative skills for each assignment. This course is for Grade 6-12.

Duration: 41m

6. Adobe Illustrator 101 By Gooroo:

The tutor will teach you all of the key Illustrator skills you’ll need in this lesson: shapes, colours, tools, effects, and exporting. Without any prior expertise, you will be able to design your own graphics like a pro. This is the course for you if you’re new to Illustrator or if you’ve played around with it but want to learn more. This course is for Grade 7-12.

Duration: 56m

7. My First App By Mind Champ:

Students will learn how to create their own app that can be dynamically tested on their phones in this course. They will have a better understanding of how professional UI designers and coders cooperate as a consequence. The apps can be published on Playstore after the 20 sessions. This training is designed for children aged 10 to 14.

8. My First Game By Mind Champ:

Through activity-based learning and an introduction to JavaScript, you’ll discover advanced coding subjects including Loops, Conditions, Flowcharts, and Algorithms.

Students will have studied game design and will be able to construct complicated games such as Mario, shooting games, and so on by the end of the 36 sessions. This training is designed for children aged 10 to 14.

9. Roblox Game Developer Course By FunTech:

At this Roblox summer camp, tutors teach digital skills and programming principles using the famous game platform Roblox. Your child will learn how to construct an obstacle course and kart racing game during a fun week of experimenting, creativity, and real-world physics, whether they are a Roblox veteran or a newcomer. At the end of the Roblox camp week, your child will learn how to submit their projects so that they can be shared with their peers.

This training is designed for children aged 9 to 12.

10. 3D Game Design Developer By FunTech:

From game design principles to important 3D game programming techniques, your child will learn the abilities required to create a genuinely outstanding multi-platform video game. Their video game summer camps for kids are jam-packed with structured learning, hands-on activities, and projects that are designed to ignite children’s curiosity and inspire creativity.

They’ll learn how to create exciting custom behaviours and fantastic game mechanics by employing best practices. On the coding side, they will grasp basic programming concepts such as variables, branching, looping, events, and more! This training is designed for children aged 10 to 14.

11. Python Coder Course By FunTech:

Python is a widely-used programming language with straightforward syntax. It’s climbing the list of most widely spoken languages at a quick pace! At our popular Python camp, your child will learn how to write, revise, and solve issues in a disciplined and logical manner.

Once your child understands how code is constructed, they will be able to implement core programming structures through fun, practical activities and projects, leading to their ability to confidently build Python projects! This course is designed for students aged 10 to 16.

12. Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch By Udemy:

This course will teach you how to code from the ground up. Scratch (a programming language developed by MIT) is so much fun to use that it makes programming feel like a game. The course is designed to allow you to create your own games and applications. The teaching method, on the other hand, is what distinguishes this course.

You’ll learn a wide range of computer science ideas without realising how complicated they are. The games were chosen with care to assist students in learning computer science topics while having fun. They’ll also update the course on a regular basis with new content – and difficulties.

Duration: 7.5 hours

13. Kids Coding – Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript! By Udemy:

This course teaches children to code by customising the content to their learning styles. There are animated lectures, informative screencasts, and tests available. The course quickly introduces a lot of information and vocabulary in the first portion. You’re going to dive in straight away. No second is wasted in this action-packed, fascinating session.

Duration: 7 hours

14. Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics By Udemy:

This course is the culmination of more than seven years of STEM education experience. You’ll learn to programme in a number of languages in a fun and easy way, and you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to over ten different programmes. Scratch may also be used to make incredibly interesting games.

Duration: 17.5 hours

15. Coding for Kids – Learn to program with a Dad & Son By Skillshare:

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to programme, especially children, teenagers, university students, and those looking for a career change. You’ll learn all the principles of programming and will be able to push the limits of what Scratch can do by the end of the course.

Sprites, the code blocks that govern them, and other crucial elements like audio, randomization, and sense will all be covered. The information you will get will be remarkable, even though the environment is conducive to learning.

Duration: 2h 36m

16. Java Coder Course By FunTech:

Coding is the most critical literacy in the digital age. This fast-paced Java summer school course will educate your child on how to write, edit, and solve problems in a methodical and disciplined manner from the ground up.

Once your child has mastered the fundamental coding concepts, it presents them with a myriad of engaging practical assignments and projects for a variety of contexts. It’s not so much about knowing coding constructs as it is about knowing how and where to use them to produce elegant solutions to problems. This course is designed for students aged 11 to 16.

17. My First Animation By Mind Champ:

This course will teach you everything you need to know about coding, including Loops, Conditions, Sequential Thinking, Debugging, and Algorithms, through activity-based learning. By the end of the 32 sessions, students would have created a variety of little games and animations. This training is designed for children aged 7 to 10.

18. My First Website By Mind Champ:

This course will teach you how to use HTML and CSS to create websites. This is the students’ first exposure to a computer language. This level encourages students to be creative and ensures that each student creates an internet-based website throughout the course of the 20 sessions. This training is designed for children aged 11 to 15.

19. Teaching Kids Programming with C# By PluralSight:

This course will teach your children how to programme in C# using Visual Studio. This lesson will teach kids about objects, methods, variables, and ‘for’ loops in a fun and creative way.

Duration: 1h and 14 minutes

20. Roblox Game Developer Course By FunTech:

Tutors use the popular gaming platform Roblox to teach digital skills and programming principles at this Roblox summer camp. During a fun week of experimenting, creativity, and real-world physics, your child will learn how to design an obstacle course and kart racing game, whether they are a Roblox regular or a newbie. Your child will learn how to publish their projects at the end of the Roblox camp week so that they can share them with their peers. This course is for ages 9 to 12 years.

Conclusion: Introducing computer skills to children at a young age aids in the development of their confidence and inventiveness. This encourages children to think outside the box and come up with novel ideas. We hope you enjoyed our post, which will assist your children in advancing their careers! 😀🌈


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