Top 10 Best CDS Online Coaching Institutes in India

CDS Online Coaching

Still Confused which Course to pick

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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds the “Combined Defence Services” (CDS) Examination, also known as CDS I and CDS II, twice a year. The exam is held to select candidates for the Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Indian Air Force Academy. 

The notice for CDS I is usually released in October-November, and the exam is held in February, whereas the notification for CDS II is usually released in June, and the exam is held in November. The exam is only open to unmarried graduate students.

A written test, an intelligence interview, and a personality test are all part of the CDS admission exam. The UPSC administers the written test, while the Services Selection Board administers the interview and personality assessment (SSB).


Why pursue CDS ?


If you’re considering joining the military, you should think about why you want to do so. For a variety of reasons, people join the Army or the military. The top ten reasons why people join the military are as follows:

  • To serve your country and safeguard your country’s liberty and freedom
  • While contributing in the fight against terrorism, travel the world.
  • The benefits of a college education are numerous.
  • Obtain a well-paying job.
  • You have a responsibility and an honour to serve your country.
  • Family traditions that help you develop as a person and learn new skills
  • Make a living
  • Make a positive change in your life.

All of the following are excellent reasons, among others, for you to join the military. Joining the military has several long-term benefits for many people. However, your reasons must be important to you.

So, are you prepared to pursue a CDS preparation course in India ? If yes, then scroll down to a list of the top 10 CDS  online coaching institutes and choose the one that best suits you😃✨…. 


List of Best CDS Coaching Online in India :

1. Gradeup Coaching 

Gradeup’s CDS online tutoring is a new preparation method designed to assist you prepare for the OTA and other CDS 2021 tests. Change your learning style to e-learning with Gradeup’s CDS 2 online video course and study from India’s top professors. Strengthen your concepts and obtain answers to your questions from the professors. 

Gradeup Super CDS coaching helps you prepare for your exams by giving you unlimited access to all live lessons and mock tests. The CDS Gradeup Super membership gives you access to a variety of resources to help you study for CDS and other defence exams with top topic experts. It also gives practise, revision, and performance reports on a regular basis.

Courses offered:

  • Mission CDS 2 2021: An Express Course
  • 250+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 250 + PDFs
  • 5500+ Practice Questions
  • 30 Mock Tests
  • Mission CDS 2 2021 OTA Special: An Express Course
  • 250+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 250 + PDFs
  • 5500+ Practice Questions
  • 30 Mock Tests

2. Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion Defence Academy is well-known for its SSB Interview and Written Exam Preparation. The Centurion Academy is India’s most prominent, greatest, and best academy for SSB interviews for officer level admission to the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force). To ensure your success in Defense tests, they have designed their coaching programme using a digitally and technically adhered and scientific manner. It improves your problem-solving abilities as well as your knowledge. They also have a team of experienced and well-known teaching members, as well as previous officers, who can help you become an officer.

Features of the course:

  • Daily Video Lectures
  • Live Stream Classes
  • eDoc and eNotes
  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Attendance
  • Help Desk
  • eBooks
  • Quiz-Pad

3. Time Institute 

T.I.M.E., India’s leading test-prep institute, is situated in Hyderabad. T.I.M.E. was started in 1992 and today has 200 offices in 100 cities across the US. T.I.M.E. is now known as a multi-location, multi-program training specialist that operates on corporate lines and offers a wide range of programmes not only for national and state-level entrance exams such as the CAT, MAT, JEE MAIN, and JEE ADVANCED, but also for international exams such as the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. In keeping with its tradition, T.I.M.E. has created training programmes for Bank PO and Clerical exams, SSC CGLE, GATE, CDS, CSAT(paper 2), and CLAT.

Features of the course:

  • Ebooks – 12
  • Online Topic-wise Tests – 190
  • Online Mock CDS Tests – 30

4. Adda247 Coaching

With over 40 million annual users, Adda247 is India’s largest Edtech platform. The Adda247 App is the most popular among all Education Apps in India. A smartphone app, YouTube channels,,,, and Career Power are all available through Adda247. Adda247 is an online learning platform for candidates preparing for government jobs in India. They currently offer services for a variety of bank exams (SBI, RBI, IBPS, and others), Staff Selection Commission exams (SSC), railway tests, teaching exams, and defence exams.

Courses offered:

  • CONQUEST CDS Elementary 2021 Complete Batch
  • CONQUEST CDS English 2021 Complete Batch 
  • CONQUEST CDS General Knowledge 2021 Complete Batch 
  • SHAURYA CDS II 2021 (OTA) Complete Batch 
  • SHAURYA CDS II 2021 (IMA, INA & AFA ) Complete Batch 

5. Trishul Defence Academy 

Trishul Defence Academy offers some of the greatest defence training in India. It helps students prepare for the AFCAT, NDA, CDS, Air Force X and Y, MNS, INET, Navy MR, Navy AA/SSR, Indian Coast Guard, and other defence entrance exams. Trishul was founded in 2003 by Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra (Ex-NDA / Ex-GTO), popularly known as the “SSB Guru,” who has been assisting the nation by generating future officer selects and producing strong national results. TDA takes a proactive approach to total preparation for the Indian Armed Forces by balancing top-of-the-line facilities, high-end amenities, skilled teachers, a student-friendly environment, and cutting-edge learning techniques.

Courses offered:


6. SSBCrackExams Coaching

SSBCrackExams is a one-of-a-kind online forum for candidates who desire to bring honour to their country. They assist you in realizing your dreams. Start your learning adventure with dependable video courses, which are designed for easy comprehension and higher exam scores. Get your own personal Performance Tracker to keep track of things like Learning Footprints, Digital Notes, All-India Ranking, Timed Tests, Mind-Blowing Quizzes, and Prompt Videos. The courses are designed to satisfy the demands of students who want to pursue a military career. Get the best online preparation for all military exams, such as the AFCAT, CDS, NDA, TA, and others.

Courses offered:

  • CDS Exam Online Course 2021 – 2022
  • 450+ CDS Maths Lectures
  • 690+ CDS English Lectures
  • 500+ CDS GS Lectures
  • 1500+ CDS GK Lectures
  • 1500+ Topicwise Lesson Plans
  • 5000+ Topicwise Quiz
  • 1000+ Q&A in 10 Test Series
  • CDS OTA Exam Online Course 2021 – 2022
  • 450+ CDS Maths Lectures
  • 690+ CDS English Lectures
  • 500+ CDS GS Lectures
  • 1500+ CDS GK Lectures
  • 1500+ Topicwise Lesson Plans
  • 5000+ Topicwise Quiz
  • 1000+ Q&A in 10 Test Series


7.  Testbook Coaching

Learn from India’s Best Faculty, who have collectively taught over 1 lakh students and have over 100 years of expertise. Top exam specialists prepared all of the questions and answers, which are based on the most recent exam patterns and levels. Discover your talents and limitations, as well as everything else you need to know to improve your score and ranking.

You can obtain answers to all of your inquiries and concerns on their discussion board. Interact with experts, teachers, and peers on a one-on-one basis. The platform is entirely bilingual (Hindi and English).

Courses offered:

  • UPSC CDS – 2 2021 Live Coaching
  • Current Affairs 2021 Live Coaching

8. StudyIQ Coaching

Study IQ Education is a Pvt Ltd education company dedicated to providing online education to students who are interested in or have already taken an Indian government jobs exam in English or Hindi via pre-recorded videos so that the student can learn and achieve his or her dream government job by studying smart and from the comfort of their own home. They are a dedicated group with the purpose of giving the best and most time-saving study tutorials/video lessons from any state or district in India without the use of an internet connection. Their mission is to give each student a thorough education and study materials for the exam that he or she is taking or planning to take.

Features of the course:

  • Videos (1222)
  • Quiz (337)
  • Lecture Notes (447)

9. Vidyaguru Coaching

The Union Public Service Commission administers the CDS test for recruitment to the Army, Navy, and Air Force twice a year. Nearly 3 lakh people take this exam in order to get a job as an officer in the Indian armed forces. The specialists at Vidya Guru deliver the Best Online CDS Coaching in India and provide comprehensive coaching to applicants wishing to pass the Combined Defence Services examination. The following are some very important aspects that a candidate must understand in order to pass the CDS recruitment process.

Features of the course:

  • 400+ Video Lectures
  • Superb Faculty
  • Learn Shortcuts & Speed Tricks
  • Excellent Study Material
  • 100% Exam-Oriented Preparation
  • Online Mock Test Series
  • Pen Drive / Online Coaching

10. CrackDefence Coaching

CrackDefense is a dedicated portal that caters to all the requirements of defense exam hopefuls in order to assist them to pass the written exam, secure an SSB interview, and join the Indian Armed Forces. It can only happen if you have a tested timetable in place to fulfill all of the needs of working and non-working individuals at the time of preparation, as well as dedication, discipline, and determination to achieve your goal.

CrackDefence was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between you and your SSB Interview, and the entire CrackDefence team will be there for you every step of the way, guiding you, providing mock exams, and devising strategies to help you succeed on a personal level.

Features of the course:

  • Exam Focused Approach
  • Study Notes
  • Expert Faculty
  • Mock Tests
  • Best Videos, mock tests, Revision Notes
  • Online Classes



The above is a list of some of the best CDS online coaching institutes in India. We hope that we provided the best information regarding your query and helped you to pursue your interest.🌈😊


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Still Confused which Course to pick

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