10 Best Career Options After MCA(Master of Computer Application) in India

career options after mca
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MCA (Master of Computer Application) is considered to be one of the hardest amongst all Post Graduation Degrees which is for three years duration. All other Post Graduate programs are mostly of two years. Thus MCA is an exception and it bears fruits as it is a technical and professional degree in computer applications and has to deal with data, software, and computers in general.

MCA graduates are often absorbed in IT companies that as they require technically skilled personnel for their operations and management.

Here is a list of some of the best jobs with their job descriptions which you can do after completing MCA. This information will give you a complete insight into what kind of job will be perfect for you as per your passion, love, and enthusiasm for the work.

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1. Web Designer/ Web Developer

With all of the world coming online, and content being digitized for the world to see and interact with, Web Designers and Developers are in high demand right now. They usually have their work on designing and building websites from scratch. The personnel in charge of Website/ Webpage designing are usually ones having an exceptionally creative mindset and can design on the font, style, texture, color patterns, and all that makes a page alluring, attractive, and at the same time, functional. Their salary usually ranges from 2.5 LPA to 6 LPA INR.

2. Hardware Engineer

Nowadays, software that is extremely demanding has come in to play requiring beefy computers to function smoothly. Hardware is being upgraded at a rate on par with Software up-gradation and that requires Hardware Engineers. They are the ones tweaking with circuit boards, wires, and panels on CPUs, Speakers, Routers, Monitors, Motherboards, and other hardware equipment for ensuring a seamless singularity of the computer system. The research and development team consisting of hardware engineers is responsible for the Production and testing of equipment. Their salary usually ranges from 2 LPA to around 14 LPA INR.

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3. Software Application Architect

With so many software applications currently in the market, there is room for redundancy, and the uniqueness of ideas and concepts can often be lost in translation. Thus to ensure the quality and uniqueness of software applications, architects are employed. They are basically quality control and maintenance personnel that set coding standards and architectural models of software applications. They are in charge of making protocols, tools, and platforms for software application modeling and creation. Their salary starts at 1.1 LPA but with experience in the field, the salary increases to about 5 LPA INR.

4. Troubleshooter

IT personnel who are always on call for solving Technical problems in the company. The IT challenges might be both hardware and software but the troubleshooter has to be skilled enough to handle all odd jobs. Technical difficulties in companies tend to hamper projects and delay them and to prevent that, Troubleshooters are employed. Companies are hiring troubleshooters as they also are in charge of maintaining and providing resources required by engineers and other personnel. Their average pay is 1.2 LPA to 5.6 LPA INR. 

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5. Business Analyst

As the name suggests, Business analysts are in charge of maintaining, tracking, and recording data for analysis of the business sector of the firm. From an MCA pass out, excellent data crunching and processing skills are expected. Data of the past and present is used to plot graphs and present probable data of the future. This is the job of a business analyst as he tracks business data, both technical and non-technical as in sales, cost, and profit margins and analyses the business plans of the coming years for the smooth functioning of the firm. Their average salary is around 4 LPA to 6 LPA INR.

6. App Developer

Devices have become exclusive to human existence in current times and one of the best ways to market to the mass would be through mobile applications. Mobile applications have brought in revolutions to the business sector as the world is currently going through a pandemic right now. Most of the business processes are being done on mobile applications as the people in charge operate them from their homes. Thus App developers are in high demand right now and their salary ranges from 4LPA to 6 LPA.

7. Software Developer/ Software Engineer

Software Engineers are often tasked with ideating and creating an effective design for a software system. This isn’t just typical coding skills, this field is a lot more taxing as it expects a lot of brainstorming from the developer. They respond to client specifications and usually meet them through efforts of constantly innovating. They are usually on the back end of the software development as they program, reprogram, and debug apps daily keeping it up to date and bug-free. The networks or channels that run these apps are also well optimized. Their average salary would be 4LPA to 44 LPA INR.

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8. System Analyst

Business processes can be intricate and tricky to optimize. The job of a systems analyst is to study current processes and modify them in order to increase efficiency. They in charge of ideating proper IT solutions to increase business and workplace efficiency by optimizing operations. This optimization is done thorough research and analysis of data relevant to the business. Their average salary is 4.5 LPA to 7 LPA. 

9. Software Consultant

They are personnel to be consulted by people while facing a block in software solutions. They provide expert advice on writing codes, programming applications, and any IT solutions. They are also responsible for optimizing business processes for organizations and provide insights on how to improve the cost and revenue channels. Their salary ranges from 3 LPA to 9.5LPA INR.

10. Technical Writer

Knowledge management and literature survey are two very important tools for a technical writer. They are the person in charge of writing Technical documents that provide a complete insight into the company to technical and non-technical clientele. Technical writers must have complete knowhow on the latest updates from major IT firms and the latest gadgets put out and their uses. They are the ones responsible for writing user manuals and guides, design specifications, and product descriptions. Their average salary is 4.7 LPA INR.


These are the top jobs that you can opt for after completing your MCA. I believe this knowledge can help you to start your career in the right direction.

However, every career opportunity is different in its own way you should never consider the pay package before starting your career. You should always determine your profession on the basis of passion, desire, and interest in the job.

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