10 Best Certification Courses After BCA in India

certification courses after Bsc IT & BCA
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If you have done BSc IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) or BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application), then the first thing that comes in mind what is next and where we should start our career, and also we think to do a certification to kick start our career in IT.

List of Job Oriented Certification Courses After BCA in India

1. Python Certification after BCA

Python Certification after BCA

One of the most popular programming languages, it is comparatively found better than Java, C & C++ Programming Languages. Python is also used as a Scripting language for artificial intelligence.

Most of the operating system uses python as a standard component.

Python is used by most of the Large organizations such as Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Cern, NASA, Instagram, Amazon.

If you found yourself brilliant enough to do programming at the core level, you can go for Certification in Python

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2. Java Certification after BCA

Java Certification after BCA

Java runs on 3 billion devices as per Oracle, which owns java.

It is a general-purpose programming language used to develop mobile applications as well as desktop applications, embedded systems, and so on.

Java is platform-independent which means one can write code on one operating system and use it on another operating system.

if you love to explore code and solve issues in the Programming language, then here is another platform you have for certification and start your career.

3. Certification In PHP after BCA

PHP Certification Course after BCA

PHP is used to develop websites or web applications, it is a server-side scripting language, which means PHP is mostly used on the server-side.

Most of the websites we visit probably use PHP for their programming.

To create dynamic web content PHP Language was developed.

Many websites framework are developed on PHP such as WordPress, Codeigniter, Laravel

To build a large scalable website, PHP is a good choice for it.

If you are more interested in server-side programming or dynamic website building you can get certified in PHP. 

4. Certificate in ASP.NET with C# after BCA 

Certificate in ASP.NET with C# after BCA

C# is a general-purpose language designed for developing apps on the Microsoft platform and requires the .NET framework on Windows to work.

it is a hybrid of C and C++, to create a modernized language.

It quickly becomes the most popular language.

It is used for building anything like a web application, services, and other programs and is strong in building windows desktop applications.

It is the most known programing language owned by Microsoft and many organizations and software developing companies use it.

It is easy to learn and to explore the skills of programming in the Software development field.

Anybody who likes to work on Framework Asp.net and to explore the c# owned by Microsoft, can be certified in this field.   

5. Database Support Certification Course after BCA

Database Support Certification Course after BCA

The database is backend support to software application and is available on different platforms such as SQL, Oracle, Cloud Database, and so on.

Database Support is the process of building a database management system, that the rest of the people will use and maintain.

This allows us to maintain and update data or information in the database, that can be present on any platform, for e.g Asp.net c# mostly uses SQL Server for backend database for maintaining data.

You can go for this Certification if you like to code in a database like SQL, Oracle, and other platforms or frameworks.

6. Career in Software Testing

Software Testing Certification after BCA

You must have heard about software testing, this involves the testing of the software that is built on any programming language.

Software testing includes validation testing, testing of the working environment of the application and many more.

All the program needs to be tested before go-live.

Anyone who is capable to think more and explore more ways to use an application, and are not interested in coding, can find their career in Testing

By doing the certification of software testing you can learn more ways and strategies to test a software environment.

7. Career in Networking

networking certification after BCA

Installation, configuration, and maintaining the networks come under Networking. We all are connected on social media by the means of network only.

It is a relation between server and users, and the chain of multiple servers and users forms a network.

Maintainance of this network and modification are done by network engineers or technical engineers.

There are certifications available for Networking are CCNA, CCNP and many more.

One can learn and get the certification in networking to start a career in Networking. 

8. Data Science Certification after BCA

Data Science Certification after BCA

Data science is a data mining or extraction of knowledge and insights from structural and nonstructural data by scientific methods and processes.

It is a growing field and is related to data mining and Artificial intelligence.

you must have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computing or mathematics.

One can get certified in Data Science and can make a bright career in Data Science.

9. Computer Graphics Certification after BCA

Graphic Design certification after BCA

By the means of Computer graphics, one can design in an image, do animation in videos and many more with the help of computers.

In Digital Photography, Computer Graphics is a core technology.

It is also used in video games, cell phones, and computer displays as well.

It is a recently developed and vast area of computer science.

If you enjoy designing and wants to learn more designing and animation and also wants to make a career in this,

then you can go for Computer Graphics certifications.

10. MCA and Msc IT after BCA

MCA & Msc IT after BCA

Many of the students are looking for a post-graduation after completion of Bsc IT or BCA.

MCA is more likely to be seen taken by IT students who are thinking to build a career in IT.

MSc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology) is of 2 years, on the other hand, MCA is of 3 Years as if you are interested to learn more subjects you can go for MCA.


If you have completed your graduation and still confused about your career, as many of the students were not serious during graduation. Then post-graduation is another opportunity to learn and understand the field which you are interested in. 

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