Best Animation Courses For Kids in India

Animation Courses For Kids

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Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wall-E, Coraline, Up, Bolt, Ice Age, and Monsters vs. Aliens are just a few instances of how amazing animation can be!  For individuals who enjoy creating magic, the animation industry offers limitless opportunities. The term “animation” is frequently confused with “cartooning.” 

Drawing caricatures of characters with some particular characteristics to make the character conjure a feeling of laughter is what cartooning is all about. Animation, on the other hand, is the art of bringing these characters to life. Animation is the art of bringing inanimate objects to life using a variety of modern computer-based sequencing tools.

In India, the animation sector is predicted to grow at a greater rate than the IT industry! As a professional option, animation is an area where you can “enjoy-as-you-work,” feel fulfilled at the end of the day and receive accolades from your clients. What better age to learn animation than childhood, as the skills obtained in childhood will help the child advance far in their future career. Here is a list of the best animation courses: 😀👉

List Of Best Animation Courses For Kids:

1. Adventures in Animation By Digital Media Academy:

Learn how to make animated cartoons and movies using the same techniques that Pixar, Cartoon Network, and Disney animators utilise in this course.

In Toon Boom HarmonyTM, the same software used to make Spongebob and many other popular cartoons, create drawings and bring them to life using production techniques such as timelines and keyframes. While exploring various animation techniques such as claymation and “humanimation,” work as part of a team and make friends who share your interests. This course is for 9-12-year-olds.

What Students Discover:

  • Storytelling principles and animation talents
  • What is the difference between “claymation” and “humanimation”?
  • Drawing abilities for cartoons
  • How do you make a cartoon and a character?
  • How to use Toon Boom Harmony (a professional animation software)

2. Animation with Adobe Animate Tutoring By iD Tech:

Is your youngster an artist in their own right? They can use Adobe Animate to turn their sketches and ideas into fluid animations. This course will cover basic to intermediate animation methods with the purpose of creating short videos that can be shared as gifs and more on social media! This course is for ages 10-19.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Drawing foundations are used to create art and animation.
  • Use concepts and strategies to practise visual storytelling.
  • Create an online portfolio.

3. Adobe Premiere and After Effects Tutoring By iD Tech:

Enhance and edit your video creations with Adobe Premiere. With Adobe After Effects, you can push your abilities even further by adding unique components to your video. Bring your creative pursuits together and learn everything there is to know about video editing. This course is suitable is for ages 10-19.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Edit Audio and video tracks.
  • Create animations and amazing effects.

4. YouTube Animation and Design By iD Tech:

As you generate storyboards and programme fundamentals to build out a short video, essential aspects of art and design will guide you in sharing your material. Long-term engagement on YouTube requires more than a clever video, so you’ll learn how to make lessons, mini-documentaries, and talk about your process in a way that connects with your audience. 

YouTube’s power lies in the fact that anyone can upload a video. However, spending time creating, sharing, and engaging will give you the tools to progress from ‘starting out’ to ‘standing out,’ and this approach will provide you with the means to do so. This course is for ages 10-12.

What you will learn:

  • Design art and animation utilising drawing foundations 
  • Use concepts and strategies to practise visual storytelling.
  • Create an online portfolio.

5. Vector Art and Audio Design with Scratch By iD Tech:

Build your creative portfolio with character illustrations, comics, and interactive art using Scratch as the backbone for interactivity in this course. Create your own character designs, then use stories and games to bring them to life. There are countless ways to express oneself, whether it’s through a hilarious chatbot friend with whom you can converse or study, a game or storey that recreates your week, or any other concept you can think of.

You can continue to explore coding topics with graphic blocks with direction and structure while having a blast creating experiences to play or share with others.

What you will learn:

  • Create and modify audio tracks and characters
  • Practice design and 2D animation/creative techniques
  • Create stories and worlds in 2D.

6. 2D & 3D Animation Course By Compufield Computer Institute:

Create and modify audio tracks and characters in this course. Practice design and 2D animation/creative techniques by creating stories and worlds in 2D.

7. The Animation Course By The Animation Course:

This course is divided into five levels with the purpose of providing students with the tools they need to enjoy the process of writing and animating stories, resulting in the production of their own short films.

Course Offerings:

Level 1: An introduction to animation based on 12 animation principles.

Level 2: Fundamental physics concepts and how they relate to animated motion, emotion and acting, and body mechanics.

Level 3: Everything from fundamental plot construction through staging and cinematography is covered in this level.

Level 4: Helps students construct their own animated short film by combining topics acquired in Levels 1-3.

C.A.T. (Continual Animation Training): Students work together to complete a joint film, just like a genuine animation crew.

8. Junior Animator Course By Digital Connect:

A blank canvas appeals to every child. A blank sheet of white paper on which people can write their ideas and feelings. It’s an invitation for them to let their imaginations soar. Only the sky is the limit when they can bring those characters and storylines to life and create their own cartoons and animations.

Junior Animator Programmer Kids will learn how to plan an animation concept, logical programming concepts, and how to bring them to life in the form of games and stories in this course. The Eligibility for this course is Std. 3rd to Std. 8th. The optimum age is 8 to 14 Years.

What You Will Learn:

  • Develop your imagination.
  • Develop your analytical thinking skills.
  • Develop logical reasoning skills.
  • Develop your visualisation skills.
  • Inspire interest in professional fields like graphics animation and software development.

Duration: 3 Months


Animation piques the interest of the viewer and brings drawings to life. Learning animation combines sketching and painting skills with a thorough understanding of physics concepts such as motion, acceleration, and more. This session provides students with hands-on experience by allowing them to work on a variety of creative projects. It combines the enjoyment of making animated videos with the acquisition of basic animation concepts, computer skills, and professional creative tools. This course is for ages 8-9.

What you’ll discover:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of animation, such as acceleration, deceleration, and elasticity.
  • Life skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, and self-expression are being developed.
  • They’ll learn how to manage their projects and deal with obstacles while being supported by an encouraging educator.

Duration: 9 Months

10. Computer animation lessons for kids By CreativeTech:

This is an advanced children’s animation course that uses industry-standard techniques to create animations, including a “walk and talk” cycle — if you work in the animation industry, you’ll appreciate the great quality of this course.

Your child will have learned the following by the conclusion of the term:

  • To make their own animations, which include the illusion of 3D movement through layers and parallax
  • Tweening is a technique for creating smooth motion.
  • Audio and video synchronisation, including lip-syncing.
  • How to use bones and rigging to generate realistic movement in an animated character.

Duration: 1 Year

11. Pixar in a Box By Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy:

You’ve probably seen a lot of movies like Cars and Toy Story. Pixar created all of these movies! Pixar is a highly successful commercial subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios. What could be better than learning animation from the ultimate master? So here is a course from Pixar that will not only help you study animation but also promote your career from a young age.

Pixar in a Box is a peek at how Pixar artists work behind the scenes. You’ll be able to create virtual fireworks erupt, animate bouncing balls, and build a swarm of robots. At Pixar, the topics you learned in school — math, science, computer science, and humanities — are employed on a daily basis to make fantastic films. Disney is funding this collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Pixar In a Box is a fantastic Khan Academy Course that teaches the basics of animation to kids of all ages. 

12. Beginner Blender Animation For Kids By Udemy:

This exciting and entertaining lesson is designed specifically for children. This training will undoubtedly teach you a great deal! (Minecraft rigs are included) This course will teach you about modelling, making a movie, the fundamentals, and more.

Duration: 44 mins

13. Adobe After Effects, Part 1: Create Your First Animation By Gooroo:

Perhaps you’ve heard great things about what Adobe After Effects can achieve, but you’re overwhelmed by it and don’t know where to begin. You have come to the correct location! This course will take you inside the fascinating world of After Effects in this tutorial. In the first part, you’ll study the basics of Adobe After Effects and get a sense of how the programme works. In addition, you’ll make your first animation. If you like this course, you can take other parts of this course too! This course is for grades 7-12.

Duration: 1 Hour 7 Minutes 

14. My First Animation By MindChamp:

IN THIS COURSE, you will learn all about coding through activity-based learning, including Loops, Conditions, Sequential Thinking, Debugging, and Algorithms. Students would have built a range of tiny games and animations by the end of the 32 sessions. This training is designed for children aged 7 to 10.

15. Virtual Filmmaking and Animation Classes for Kids! By iCamp:

This course’s purpose is to teach students how to use technology to become creators rather than consumers. When a topic excites and inspires children, they learn more effectively. Making their filmmaking and animation works come to life will be a blast for young developers!

The talents of animation and storytelling will be explored in this online course. The art of telling stories through a succession of images is known as animation. Students will learn how to use Google Slides to make stop motion animations. They’ll also look into using the animation software Powtoon to create animated movies. By the end of this course, students will be able to choose one of these animation types to use in a project of their choice.

16. Animation Workshop By School Of Media Design:

This course is for you if you’re inspired by cartoons like The Simpsons or 3D animations like Toy Story. The art of character animation is taught to children. This course will go through animation fundamentals and how they apply to today’s computer animation. 

Kids will learn how to use 3D Maya, which is the industry-standard software for modelling and animation, and then apply these principles to their own work. Kids are taught squash and stretch, weight and muscular tension, overlapping movement, anticipation, and follow-through through traditional animation tasks like pitching a ball and swinging a hammer.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to use animation principles in 2D and 3D animation, as well as key concepts in drawing storytelling.
  • Visual communication is very important
  • Aspects of cognition, emotion, ethics, and aesthetics
  • Aspects of observation and perception
  • Concentration

17. Animation camps By

Animation camps provide hands-on training and learning opportunities for children and teenagers who want to express their artistic side, explore their passion for animation, and improve their programming skills. If you’re interested in digital animation but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, this is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in the industry. This website will help you find various animation camps that you can take. You can take the best camp that suits your child’s interest.

The following themes and principles will often be covered in the curriculum at these camps and programmes:

  • The fundamentals of animation begin with an understanding of how to depict movement and the use of basic physics.
  • Software instruction
  • Modelling ranges from basic principles such as the development of simple creatures and objects to more complicated character creation techniques such as the inclusion of skins and other details.
  • Colour selection and texture creation
  • Music and sound are used in conjunction with animated movements.

18. Animation Workshops By ToonWorld Education:

This course’s mission is simple: to Encourage, Empower, Educate, and Entertain children through interactive workshops that are both fun and creative. These courses are intended to promote communication and literacy while also allowing participants to express their creativity and imagination.

What you’ll discover:

  • To enable future stem-based learning activities, a strong foundation in Stop Motion Animation is required.
  • A fantastic opportunity for students to put their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills to the test.
  • Students develop a better knowledge of motion in the context of the physical world.
  • Skills in teamwork are being developed.
  • Students understand the importance of developing and owning their own ideas while being assigned particular tasks and duties.

19. Online Drawing & Animation Classes For Kids:

The Drawing and Animation Foundation Course at CodingHero is for youngsters aged 7 and up who want to explore their creative and inventive side. They will learn to sketch their favourite characters, such as Spiderman, and to make their own animation movies in this online course. They’ll learn how to use the tools they’ll need to develop and animate stories. No prior drawing or animation expertise is required for this course.

What you’ll learn:

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Kids learn that there are multiple solutions to a problem and begin to look beyond the box.
  • Enhanced Imaginative Capabilities: Drawing and animation abilities aid in the continuation of this creativity.
  • Improved Analytical & Critical Thinking: Children’s critical and analytical thinking is aided by animation, which combines parts of creativity and math. It also aids a child’s focus by assisting them in being more aware of the minutiae of any work.

20. 3D Animation with Maya By CodeREV:

Maya, the 3D software utilised in Frozen and Halo 4, allows you to be more creative. Students acquire essential animation skills through modelling and moving characters, objects, and surroundings. Create everything from simple scenes to more complicated objects like a futuristic freeze ray!

Through hands-on education, students master this industry programme utilised in Lord of the Rings, Shrek, the new Star Wars, and more. Once students have mastered the fundamentals, they can integrate whatever they like and enjoy. The pupils let their imaginations run wild as they build whatever they want using the skills and tools they’ve learnt. They then learn how to bring various components of these fantastic ideas to life.

21. ANIMATION CLASSES By Canadian Contemporary School Of Arts:

This course is designed to provide you with fantastic skills that you may use in our animation workshops to bring your creations to life. Each animation session will begin with a screening of well-known short animations, ranging from European art-house to NFB films. 

The students will learn about storytelling as well as the intricate and time-consuming technique of creating good animation. Students will also learn how to create a soundtrack for their animation, which will involve music and dialogue recording. If the teen students choose to work as professional animators in the future, we help them develop their skills through our mentorship programme.

22. Animation Studio By Tynker:

Create animated cartoons in the same way that the experts do. As you sketch your own characters and bring them to life with code, you’ll learn the fundamentals of animation. When you add animals, dragons, monsters, and avatars to your coding projects, you’ll utilise visual programming to control the speed and kind of animation. Create a portfolio of exciting projects to share with friends and family, such as creative animation games, cartoon strips, music videos, and interactive worlds. There is no need to have any prior programming experience. This course is for standards 3-8.

What you’ll Discover

  • Day 1: Animation with Frames
  • Day 2: Animation of Characters
  • Day 3: Animated Storytelling
  • Day 4: Music Videos
  • Day 5: Two-Player Games

Conclusion: India has become a new centre for the animation business, which was traditionally controlled by the West. This is one of the most beneficial courses for your child to take. We hope you enjoyed our article and that it will assist you in finding the finest animation education for your child. 🤗🌈


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